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Air/earth cra (single target) + beacons

By Toastman7 - MEMBER - May 15, 2016, 11:25:14

Hey guys

I'm playing an air/earth cra
mainly focussed on the air branch.

I use all the air skills
and only riddling arrow, raining arrow and destructive arrow from the earth branch.

I love to have alot of utillity in my kit and the use of positioning with storm arrow/retreat arrow and beacons.

my question is, is it bad to have +2 control and have 4 beacons on the field as a single target damage cra?

it seems like it might benefit an AoE cra more, but I don't like the fire branch.

I want to create a playstyle where I hit hard, enemies wont get near me(positioning) and great utility for my team.

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for earth air cra lashing arrow really important. it give debuff to enemy -3mp. if you want play as air earth you dont need a lot control. even it base on your play style. but if you just spamming beacon and use air to make enemy far from you you will loose a lot of time to stacking riddle. for my opinion. for your play style you need to change to fire air. coz you will get benefit from beacon and fire area. coz fire with flamboyant isnt like riddle and reach with final spell. destructive and poison arrow will consume stack doesnt like flamboyant, it will give 10 flamboyant everytime your cast explosive on beacon.

lashing arrow -3mp its help you alot take make a gap between you and enemy. you no need to use beacon and air spells to push it coz they wont walk close to you and +15 riddle is awesome. the one which make earth cra can hit really hard coz riddle give -critical ressistance. earth build not really good if you under 150. coz you dont have high critical hit and 6mp and 12 ap build. but earth cra can deal amazing damage every 2 turns after stacking riddle.

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2 control is enough but it never hurts to have more.

Also like rustandi said, Lashing Arrow is extremely useful

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