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Earth Cra equipment help at 100+

By Olbon September 11, 2013, 16:05:49
I'm currently 107 and using a combination of Phos/Moowolf/Kraken gear along with a Tauxik Hammer. I was wondering if anyone could give me some suggestions as to what my next set of gear should be to maximize dps? I've looked at magmog and boy does it look great but magmog is a bit out of the question for me (cant seem to find people to do it). I need a set that gives me +1 AP so I'm able to hit my 10 ap build (currently statting 1 AP, 1 MP, and the rest into STR).

One of the biggest reasons I'm here is because I was rocking a Boohemoth set along with phos gear for a while thinking I was decked out and as strong as can be for my level. Only to be pointed out that the moowolf set was better for me. Making me to face palm, and scrabbling to regear myself. I didn't want to make that mistake again so I figured I'd ask the forums for help.

Been spending alot of time on elements but cant seem to get a good set down, for example the Hagen Daz set looks gorgeous but I can't seem to find a set that would give me AP that would fit with Hagen Daz. So any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance!
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Well really comes down to what your trying to get. With Kraken and Moowolf it sounds like you are Crit hit build and to be honest there isn't anything better for that at your current level. If you are wanting Hagen set I'd go for something along this line for a mono element: Click here only have to stat the 1ap and then the rest I just put in to strength.
Just for fun I put together an earth/fire build with your character at level 140 cap
Click here
With this you have to stat 1ap 1mp and the rest btwn strength and intelligence. Great thing about this is the gear gives you +2 range 25 crit (35 total with Cra's ability) and 27 crit bonus damage.

edit: Elements links don't seem to say everything so here it is:


Hagen Set
Golden Cloak
Phos Ring
Phos Boot
Rampart Belt
Tauxik Hammer
Moowolf Signet


Emiw Set
Lenald Wok
Zwombwork Cloak
Popom Belt
Whispered Ring
Waw Pompoms
Scepter of Wage
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Thanks for the reply shions, but I did the math and the first set you gave me has the folllowing total stats (excluding weapon, spell levels and pet):

189% Earth damage
10% Crit rate
5% Crit damage bonus
60 initiative
13% backstab damage

And the set I'm using right now (i only listed the stats i thought was important):

189% Earth damage
32% Crit Rate
32% Crit damage bonus
166 initiative
55% back stab damage

So as you can see, it would appear that the gear I'm currently using is vastly superior to what you suggested (unless I'm making a mistake some where, please do point it out). As for the max level gear, I didnt really look at it too much because I prefer to focus on gear thats within 20 levels of me first. Yeah you mentioned 2 range and 25 crit, but for some odd reason I'm not seeing it. So could you explain how you go those numbers? And also one last question, you mentioned a earth/fire build when i'm at the level 140 cap. Why would a cra spec into fire/earth? I thought it was better to just focus on one element at a time?

Again, thanks so much for your time.
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Perhaps you could list out exactly what you have equipped. Here is my set build vs. what I think you may have equipped. I threw a tofu in there just because but it will still show you the differences. This is pulled from the set builder on wakfu elements.

Hagen Build vs. Moo/Kraken

Hagen set vs. Moowolf set
Golden Cloak vs. Phos boots
Phos ring vs. Phos ring
Phos boots vs. Kraken belt
Moowolf ring vs. Kraken breastplate
Ramp Belt vs.Kraken epps
Tofu vs. Tofu
Tauxik hammer vs. Tauxik hammer

HP: 946 HP: 697
AP: 9 AP: 9
MP: 5 MP: 4
Earth Dam: 254 Earth Dam: 234
Crit: 10 Crit: 32
Crit Dam: 5 Crit Dam: 81
Init: 60 Init: 145

I'll stop there but another thing to point out is that the Hagen build has 70+ resistance in all elements where as the moo/kraken build doesnt break 20 in any element. So the moo/kraken build is a little less damage but better chance to crit and added damage there. Hagen frees up 100 stat points since you get the extra mp. The Hagen set also has better hp and res so you won't die as much. I guess to sum it up Hagen is slow and steady damage and moo/kraken is a fast edge of the seat potentially high damage dealing set. Keep in mind that regular mobs with moo/kraken is fine but in pvp or UB fights the lack of res and hp will get you killed fast (I used to use the moo/kraken setup.)
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Olbon|2013-09-24 09:51:49
And also one last question, you mentioned a earth/fire build when i'm at the level 140 cap. Why would a cra spec into fire/earth? I thought it was better to just focus on one element at a time?
I thought the same way until i had my hybrid cra one day ago.

In the end game content it's more useful to be able to use 2 elements instead of one if the synergy between the elements is good. It will lead you to hit multiple mobs instead of the one with lower res to your element.
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Olbon|2013-09-24 09:51:49
And also one last question, you mentioned a earth/fire build when i'm at the level 140 cap. Why would a cra spec into fire/earth? I thought it was better to just focus on one element at a time?

Hi Genrou,

Regarding to this question that PinkyBee has touched in answering I will give in more detail.
Now is the time in the game to become a hybrid or even tri-elemental if you are able to. The reason is because at level 90+ gear is released with dual element stats. it's nice to take advantage of the extra stat instead of letting it rot away.

Even I will be moving away from Mono-Earth and start going into Air/Earth Destruct. The reason is that while you're fighting someone who is let's say mono earth or mono air, there is no doubt they will have right resistance to that one particular element (I have like 246% earth resist. If I were to fight you I'd surely be a pain to beat because I'm like a ghourmand to a Level 60 Earth cra) Instead of using earth spells to stack riddling to 100 for 5 turns (if you're 10 AP) and then hope that riddling from destruct arrow will bring me down, I may already have taken you down. Because of the high resist of earth, if you are Earth/Air, you will be able to use Air spells to speed up the process and stack riddling before finishing me off with a Destruct Arrow.

I hope I made sense with the above scenario.

Good luck Genrou and don't copy me! wink
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in the late game it is definitely preferable to hybrid. at 128 I'm gearing up and prepping to go air/earth.
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Thanks for the response everyone, when I first originally made that thread I was still growing as a cra. By now, I see the significance of going duo element. In fact, I'm slowly making the transition to duo element but to be honest, I know almost nothing about "how" to duo element. So if you guys could answer any of the following question, I would be most grateful.

1) I've decided to do Air/Earth as a lvl 120 Cra, but as for gear availability it seems to list appears to be very short. The Panoplie Gonflee is a start, minus the neck piece. The only gear I can think of is initiate gear. Any suggestions?

2) Spell point allocations, which spells? I would assume Destruction and Storm, but what about the rest?
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I kind of put my build in Click here

But i guess you could also go for something else like piercing arrow instead of destructive?
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