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fire/earth enu?

By MrLadyLuck - MEMBER - July 11, 2012, 04:24:21

like the title is it possible to or even practical to make a fire/earth enu?

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Possible, but zerk doesn't play very well with other branches.

You could lvl up the Drheller and use shaker w/ fire spells, and zerk out for extra movement and health.

It could work, but you would want to work out some tactical options with the spells you want to level.

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Ok, here's the low down. I've played both these classes at high levels, and have thought of some ideas, since fire is my favorite element, but I like the idea of transformation.

From what I've seen, a fire/earth build would be very much possible, and playable. But, it's not practical in the slightest without the perfect blends of gear. Basically, full Moowolf would be perfect, since it's a blend of both fire and earth, plus great stats, of course. You might be able to do decent in a neutral set as well, like Vampiro.

Also, if trying this build, make sure to not pump stats into Intelligence or Strength. You gotta go all Critical Hits, Health Points, and/or Movement/Action points. Nothin' else.

Spells? That's the fun part. There are so many decent spells between the two branches. Personalized combo's could vary, per user.

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I think it's time to make one of the very few fire and earth!

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