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Water Enu Stats

By sbmccall545 May 28, 2012, 02:03:52

Hello all,

I'm just now starting a water enutrof, and was wondering if anyone had any opinions about which stats I should maybe invest into? Since I know that PP was taken away, I'm a little lost on what I should be investing my points into.


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+MP is always good, if you intend to rely on Rascalry for damage. +Range means you spend less MP getting closer or moving away from things, which means more MP for kiting or Rascalry. +AP usually means more damage. Tax, on broke enemies, deals more damage than two Rascalries but less than three Rascalries, so using Tax when you have an ODD number of AP to use is your best damage. Water enutrof is flexible with AP when considering this, so don't think you need to have a certain number of AP at all times. Try to find a balance between +AP and +Chance (water damage %). However, if you don't want to level Tax and stick to Rascalry as primary damage, try to keep an Even number of AP. (It takes +AP in stats to do this without World Boss Gear and without an AP item that will gimp you in other ways (Unless you have a Lv100 Maka...))

Dodge can be useful, because if you get locked then Cutting and Refinement are your only options. Cutting is low damage and Refinement uses WP. However it's hard to give advice on how much dodge should be used because the dodge recieved from gear varies wildly, plus it may take way more dodge than it's worth to escape from the higher end lock foes. It may be worth ignoring dodge and picking up a good weapon for use in close combat instead (8 AP build with a Nun Scythe is great late game, but can also be Brush + Cutting when you stat for Prospecting)

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