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phone a friend and zerker

By Zebulous - MEMBER - April 24, 2012, 08:39:48

I have dhrillzerker maxed and usually stay zerked throughout all my battles. Someone said that leveling phone a friend will benefit my transformed state. But.. I have seen nothing written anywhere that confirms this. Does anyone know one way or the other? Is this just a rumor or is it true? If it is true is there something written down in an official page, because I would like to read it myself.

Edit: ok looked up phone on the search. the higher the phone a friend the fewer steps a zerker has to take to get to 150% damage bonus.

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IMO taking only two steps to reach max bonus is the first of several important procedures to making a successful Zerker. Plus you have added options to summon your dhreller further from you, and it can travel further; both beneficial when you're trying to find that right moment to transform, move 2 spaces, and wallop with shovel shaker down a line of four enemies for +150% biggrin 

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btw has anyone gotten the shovel shaker to reflect using the drheller? Do you actually have to hit your critter for the attack to double? Has anyone used shovel shaker while zerked, and tried to bounce it off of someone else's drhiller?

Edit: after extensive testing with a friend I find that: you can only reflect shovel shaker off of your own drheller. This being the case, a zerker's s shaker will never be reflected.

No drhellers were killed in these experiments, though they were slightly harmed. Idk why your pet takes damage but you don't, you are the same distance apart. Don't tell me a drhiller can't send the wave back as hard as the old man!

Edit2: hitting your team mates with shovel kiss will not keep you in zerker form. The attack will not damage team mates, and dealing damage is required to retain the form. objects that can be damaged, like barrels, will allow you to stay in form, if you hit them.

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O = you
[] = tiles
< = drheller facing left

O [] [] [] [] [] <

so 5 tiles between you and dr which is range of shaker -without- hitting your dr. additionally your zerker -has- to face you. if you didnt catch the implication, your shaker must not hit the dr: you must allow 5 spaces in between.

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