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Some help with my comp, please!

By Indeed#2252 - MEMBER - September 16, 2021, 18:53:40

Hi guys.
I hope you all are good!

I'm kinda new to the game, and i need opinions about my composition.
I've been playing with Panda(Tank), Sram(DD) and Masq(Healer), but i feel that my comp lack of resistence reduction. I think Panda can reduce resistence, but it has to stack dizzy to do it, but it's not that good, because i need dizzy to tank too.
Anyway, my question is, witch class i should subistitute for who?
I mean, i'm low lvl yet, but if i'm feeling the necessity of reduce the resistence of the mobs now, imagine when i reach high lvls.
I need your opinions guys, what should i do? Change some class or it's not that necessary?
I searched a bit, and Enu could be a good option(thats the reason why i made this topic here), but where should i put it? Tank? but i could reduce the resistence while i'm tanking? Enu is a good tank or not that good?
Another DD? which one? I don't know everything about every class in the game.
I wouldn't like to change the Masq, because i think it's a pretty good class, and pretty solid.

Anyway... I would love to read your opinons, and thoughts.
Don't worry about "you should play with you like to play", because i like to try different classes.

Thanks in advence.

(I'm sorry about any mistakes i made, english isn't my main language).

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There are only a few classes that are able to remove resistance effectively.
Masqueraiders, Enutrofs and Sadida

Your team combination looks good. You have Panda that can control the battlefield like no other class and line up enemies for your Sram to deal massive damage. Masq is going really strong right now and can do about anything from healing to debuffing, positioning, dishing out armor.

You are still at the beginning of your journey and the way your team plays will change many times once you unlock certain passive skills.

The only real advice i can give you is to not take the class rolls too strictly at the beginning of your journey. With not too strict i mean do not go zero damage super health shield build with your panda when you are still leveling.

Masqueraiders can for example make fantastic use of melee/aoe. Don't worry, you still will be able to heal etc.

Good luck to you and have fun playing!


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Thanks for answered, i appreciate that! 
I'll follow your advice.

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your team looks pretty solid already tbh. although melee oriented they are all highly mobile. and yea, what schwein says is good baseline to follow. if you are planning to make an entire 6 man team comp however, enu is definitely a great addition. feca is another great support especially if you have multiple melee characters. generally you can go with 2-3 damage dealer in a team plus supports and tank.

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