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how to spec my enutrof spell list?

By Alexluu#5798 - MEMBER - February 11, 2021, 10:57:06

I hear people saying enutrof is the easiest class so I'm a bit embarassed to ask this but I'm kind of unsure

Water- Purge, Rascalry, Tax and Refinement

Earth- Shovel of Judgement, Killer Spade, Shovel Kiss and Spady Shovel

Actives- Clumsiness, Prime of Life, Phone a Frhend and Debt

Passives(I'm aiming for in exact order):

  • Trade Secrets
  • Enutrof Force of Will
  • Treasure Tracker
  • Drhellzertank
  • Not Dead Yet/Faking It/Credit Interest (I'm unsure)

I have no used spec points right now because I had them reset during a free booster week before I took a break from the game but if I had to guess where to spend them I'd think:

Intelligence- Elemental Resistance 10/10, Dump HP?

Strength- Single Target 20/20, Dump Elemental Mastery?

Agility- Initiative 10/20,Force of Will 10/20, Dump Lock & Dodge?

Fortune- Critical 20/20, Block 20/20, ???

Major-AP, MP, Resist?
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sup ^^, firstly I'm not the best enu player by all mean but i can help ya fram experience, tho i mainly play my enu melee and since u want to take the drhellzertank passive I'd say u want to also go that route. secondly don't let it fool u, enu may be easy to play but it is quite tricky at first. 

1) for spells i take the exact same as ur earth/water spells but i take this passives instead :
- phone a friend
​​​​​​-seismic wealth

2) for passives i take this ones in order of importance (to me at least):
- treasure tracker (for that swett 30 pp, plus the 30% dodge saved me on numerous occasions)
- not dead yet (a must as a melee for the 100% of level as melee mastery in zerker form) 
- trade secrets (for the 20% dmg on indebted, and the extra 2 mp on broke enemies is quite nice for an extra spell) 
- faking it (for the free revive, plus the 20% of ur hp as armor once u transform can't be underestimated) 
- credit interest ( i personally take it for the extra purse from broke, and the bonus 10% dmg) but u could switch it to drhellzertank if u need the extra res and lock
- carnage (if u need extra dmg) or enutrof force of will (if u need that extra 20 force of will)

​​​​​​3) as for ability points i do this
- intelligence like most classes, max res and then dump all in hp (u could add some points in %armor health points tho if u do some quick fights and don't want to use bread after each one of them to heal back for another)
- strength u first go in this cases form main (melee or distance) to secondary (single or aoe) to general (elemental mastery) even outside of points (equipment), so in this case max melee first then single target, and finally dump the rest in elemental mastery, take some (health point tho if u really need it but u can live without it most of the cases) 
- agility i go 10 force of will (take more if u can't steal mp or remove), as for initiative can't tell u much since it depends greatly on ur group (u may need to start later to profit of a buff, or u may need to start first to hinder the monster for example), dump the rest in "lock and dodge" (since ur a melee and u want to keep ur enemies close, but in a pinch u want to be able to fall back a bit to heal) 
- fortune i go this critical hit maxed out, then order here is up to you, if u think ur tanky enough dump critical mastery, if not max block then dump the rest in critical mastery
- major go for it in this order, ap, mp, resistance first or dmg first (depend on how u feel) 

​​​​​​bit of a tip : u don't need to use the gold mine for it to give u wp, u can just place mines at random places and once they become gold an disappear u will regen the wp.

as for how i play (if it can be of some help) 
- i transform at the start of the turn then place 2 mines, then place debt and start dmging the monster, (spells i use in order are, shovel kiss untill u run out, then shovel of judgement, but if ur facing a monster with armor its better to spam killer spade since that's the reason u did take it), 
-​​​​​​ as for the rest of the fight u repeat the process debt - shovel kiss - shovel of judgment etc.
- as for the water spells i only use them for utility (i only use purge if i am in enu form and need a long range spell tho) 
keep in mind that judgement is ur highest hitting spell but since ur more likely to spec in earth branch (untill u can have 2 or more element on the same item at the very least) it isn't worth it to use it as a dmg spell. 

i am not that good at explaining stuff so if u got more questions don't hesitate to talk to me here or dm me ig (or on forum) and I'd gladly help ya if can. 

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