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Enutrof Question

By opge - MEMBER - August 10, 2020, 08:07:15

So sometimes with my Enutrof, I'll attack and a gold star will appear above my head, and I won't do any damage or receive a buff/debuff. Neither does the enemy. Can someone tell me what this is?

It's extremely annoying, and I just want to know if I need to make another character or is this from something I've done.

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Some enemies can put you some status like "bad luck" or something like that and you will have a chance to miss the attack. The visual effect is that gold star.

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That's the symbol for CF or critical failure, it's a debuff that gives you a chance to fail every spell you cast, it's quite annoying so not a lot of enemies have it anymore, afik only albatrociouses (yellow jellies, ecaflips and some other monsters also used to have it, but it got removed).

Also you get it if you eat the haloween candy (in return for 50 prospecting)

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My favorite forgotten mechanic of wakfu. The old item Troma hat used to give players 3 base crit fails. great times biggrin

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