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Enutrof Pouch drops Haiku... why?

By Blije-gast - MEMBER - September 21, 2019, 16:37:18

Why do enutrof pouches still drop haikus? I'd rather have a whisperer emblem drop than a HAIKU which is a confirmed drop... how is this even possible?

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Agree with this. 

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Remember the way the pouches work:
-They attemp a roll for each drop from the list, starting from the lowest drop chance items to the highest chance ones.
-If any of the rolls has success, it stops and adds that one to the end of combat drops.
-If all rolls fail, it drops a candy at the end of combat.
As the Haikus are a 100% drop chance, they will always be a guaranteed roll as the last pouch attemp. Unless you are lucky enough to get one of the lower chance items before. It's that, or a candy. Your choice.

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If it truly were a choice, I'd choose the candy as the having the Haiku twice when playing with heroes on 1 char, it will prevent from doing that dung again with that char, after doing the king whisperer dung, because it won't let you do the dung if you already have a haiku. If you understand what I'm trying to say.
But thanks for the info on how pouches work.

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