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Firedamp Explosion Synergies?

By Riversol#5116 - MEMBER - July 19, 2018, 18:00:35
I had taken a bit of a break earlier this year and have returned to see what the new Enutrof (v3) is like.

One of the skills that caught my attention was Firedamp Explosion - it's an interesting skill, but seems very selective in its usage... Either you cast it on a mine to make it come to you, or cast it on a target so they explode at the end of their next turn. It's an odd and quirky spell - given that it damages both allies and enemies alike. But I'm intrigued by it. Quirky mechanics are interesting to me.

I had felt that one of the reasons that the Drheller Pet was modified to be a lot less powerful/useful most turns was possibly to encourage interactions between a 'useless/positioning pet' and Firedamp - i.e. you cast it on your pet, and thus your pet kind of has some assistance to dealing damage, although placement of the explosion is very situational. Very.

The pet's position switching ability is also potentially useful - although its range is exactly the same as Firedamp, so sometimes when you find you'd want to get an ally out of trouble (or simply, lock), the Firedamp'ed pet would also damage the target you're trying to save if they're also locked after switching.

I've been wondering if it'd add for more interesting usages of Firedamp to have the Dhreller pet at least have a range of 3 for the spell that switches places?
Or even, to give some more interesting interactions with things like Mines, if it detonates over a mine, only enemies are affected?

Any other interesting or useful situations any of you found for Firedamp?
Would it be considered a useful damage dealing spell?
(Looks like it has an AP ratio of 84/3 = 28. Even though it's 2AP+1WP cost, a gold mine costs 1AP to sustain WP for an Enu now, so essentially in a longer battle it's really costing 3AP. Is 28 considered decent?)
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If you are fully focused into Distance (based on the caster's position) and Area it's a good choice. But you can't rely on it all the time.

Keep in mind that you and/or your mole will have to cast mines for restoring the lost WPs too. So, that's 2APs per turn in worst case for keeping the +2 WPs recovery, ignoring the summoning cost. Useful for casting on allies too (sidekicks might be better than the mole for first line targets), or even enemies if you can foresee their movements. And you can stack more charges if you have more Enutrofs in team. But it's a very very very situational skill.
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