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Best sidekicks for Enu

By - MEMBER - May 27, 2018, 08:47:03
Any sugestions? Curently runing water-earth enu.
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It actually depends on how you play.

Pandora/Lumino for heals
Crobax for positioning
Scale for AP buff
Drop Knight for AP and heals
Trank for Tanking.
Proto for Tanking/Lock and Armor

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I'd say a Water/Air Drop Knight is a good choice (if Air is his second element, he gives MPs to allies or removes them from Enemies as a secondary effect of his spells), as he can give you a huge MP boost in Drhellzerker form along with decent heals.

As for the second sidekick, maybe a tanky one like Trank may be useful. Or you could use another Knight, using their Mastery/Resistances buff/debuff.
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Drop Knight's Regenerating Tick (Heal Hp per missing AP) works on Drhellzerker?
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Never tried that, but I suppose it does if you consume all your Mps.
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looking at enutrof as a class i would go for side kicks that do damage. and because youre earth im assuming youre running shady shovel for the life steal so healers might be less important 
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