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Best ENU?q

By owning#4196 - MEMBER - April 30, 2018, 09:18:54
Currently playing an Enu curious to see what people have found to use as best spells/passives for lets say under LV100. And the rotation you use in a fight so I can try them myself.
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Shovel of judgement all day everyday!
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Under 100?

Thing is, few if any of Enutrof's passives depend on their evolution to become good, so it's more about what you unlock. So here's some things I've observed:
  • Treasure Tracker is amazing for getting the Enutrof going at the start of every fight.
  • I have mixed feelings about Advanced Geology. Its primary effect is nice (free mines!) but it's hardly reliable.
  • Not Dead Yet is great for when you're using Shovel of Judgment a lot, and it gives you a handy damage boost in Drhellzerker form. But it's not a super strong passive either.
  • Credit Interest is really cool for high damage teams and looting. If you're good at KOing indebted targets regularly it can actually beat out Advanced Geology for mine generation.

In terms of active spells.. Literally every water and earth spell is worth using. In part this is because they're very simple & reliable, in part it's because strong single target damage just synergizes beautifully with Enu's core mechanics.

Enu's only active specialty I'm not a fan of is Prime of Life. This is because the spell relies on the Enutrof having a significant lock score and at low levels you just don't have that. 2 AP for 2 MP isn't that great a deal for Enu anymore either, not for a whole spell slot.
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