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Need advice on enutrof build/gear

By Pokiehls#9298 - MEMBER - April 22, 2018, 09:30:16
How to better spend points on the strength tab?
I want to use fire branch no matter what, still deciding on earth or water for second element.

But it seems that with the new enutrof it's hard to specialize, the dhrellzerker gets a massive boost to close combat, enutrof form is better at long distance, fire spells get bonuses from area damage and water/earth get bonuses from single target.

Should I just dump every point in general elemental mastery and forget about the 20 points of specialized damage?
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I personally prefer single target dmg to be higher because of heal steal spell in earch branch.
I do like fire spells more then water ones though, since you can use AoE of fire spells in Drhellzerker form to hit further away then 3 cells. But as i like playing in Drhellzerker form, i decided to put points into melee and single target (yes, even though i use fire aoe spells). I consider the AoE by itself as a bonus to dmg because you hurt more then 1 enemy. Still i'd rather get rid of 1 enemy ASAP, especially if its close to me, rather then bothering to kill 2 or more enemies in same time. Ergo thats why i put points into single target and melee.

If you are AoE fanatic and like to see the world burn just go with AoE and General mastery. If you are using Enutrof as Hero alt, you might just use it with distance and AoE mastery if area-nuke is what your alt is meant to do in your team.

But don't forget you can have few builds, so you can specialize them differently. The one where you use Drhellzerker most of the time (or all the time) will do very well with melee+single target.
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Good points, the problem is when you just want to use fire damage against an enemy that is weakest against fire, if you invest in single target bonus, it won't be useful at all with your damage, while if you put everything into elemental mastery, you'll have 105 extra mastery for all your skills.
I'm still torn between water and earth, refinement is simply TOO strong to pass up, offering the best single target damage by far, while earth has that insane 200% damage steal, plus that damaging mp stealing move (though this one will be useless against bosses, and even against normal mobs it's weak unless you invest in willpower).

I'm at a loss, don't know what to do. >_>

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Actually the strongest singletarget dmg for enutrof comes from shovel shaker with drheller, you could always go melee/general mastery if youre planning to go drhellzerker. If youre not going drhellzerker then going with distance/general mastery will allow you to use all the fire spells with ease at range.
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Well, not really, for shovel shaker to be effective they have to be always aligned, you can easily do it on the first turn, but then the spell costs 3ap extra for the dhreller summoning. Then the next turns you'll hardly have a chance to use it again, because the dhreller moves after the enutrof, making it hard to align it.
The damage is still less than refinement for the same ap, and you can't use it while dhrellzerking.

But I actually agree on going melee/general, it's weird transitioning my enutrof to melee after such a long time, but that 200 melee mastery is hard to pass up, might as well invest on more melee and turn into a Iop with fur.
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As you stated, I also consider the enutrof more inclined to distance damage, since you want the fire branch no matter what, Fire/water and go distance 20 point and dump everything else into general.

That way both branches will be 'capable', but weaker overall, also if you find tri equipment you can add earth spells so you can get some of them, speacially 'shovel of judgement' that hits pretty hard.

Basically, my overall recommendation is that you should focus on getting distance damage and range equipment, and also reconsider the fire branch, cause imo is the most weaker overall, with just niche moments of brightness. But remember, along your levels rising you will see yours 'nukes' be weaker than other classes for going general mastery.
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