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New new Enutrof discussion

By Gelgy - MEMBER - April 16, 2018, 04:43:18

In lieu of making a guide, since I've not been nearly active enough to be an authority on optimal Enu play, I thought maybe we could get together and share information about what works and doesn't work with the new Enutrof!

OK so first some basics:

What's different

  • Enutrof no longer stacks Treasures over the course of the fight. We no longer gain damage from prospecting, although we still have several bonuses to prospecting.
  • Mines are now a more strategic & time sensitive resource. We can't just litter the map with them anymore.
  • Enutrof is now an absolutely bonkers debuffer, with a complete suite of Resistance removal, versatile MP removal, and some AP removal. Blinding is more limited than it was before, however.

Core Mechanics: Geology
Mines need to be at least 3 cells apart (2 empty spaces between them). When an Enutrof steps on a mine, they link themselves to that mine and it enhances their next spell, based on the kind of mine linked. Mines only effect the cell targeted by the spell, and if conditions are met the mine will be moved to the targeted cell and refreshed as a Bronze mine.

The varieties of mine are:
  • Bronze (red) mine: -50 elemental resistance to the target. Turns into a silver mine at the start of the Enutrof's turn.
  • Silver (white) mine: -100 elemental resistance to the target. Turns into a gold mine at the start of the Enutrof's turn.
  • Gold (yellow) mine: -100 elemental resistance to the target, and the Enutrof regenerates 1 Wakfu. When collected, gives the Enutrof Treasures. At the start of the Enutrof's turn, gold mines disappear (giving the Enutrof 1 WP for each that disappears).

Treasures is now a state with a single level, worth 50 prospecting as long as the Enutrof has it. Several spells will consume treasures for powerful effects like 200% life steal, or strong debuffs on enemies.

Spells: Active specialties
Enutrofs actives are much better than they were in either of the previous iterations of the class!

Mine Mover costs 1 ap now, but its effects are much simpler. Respecting the rules of geology (see above), you can create bronze mines twice per turn. This seems like a boring effect but it actually gives the Enutrof a lot of room to plan for future turns, and to use unspent AP effectively. Also, if someone on Ankama's localization team is reading this: PLEASE rename the English version to Excavate already!

Phone a Frhend is another staple, though the Drheller is much less useful than it was before. Still, Drhellzerker is the strongest it's ever been, making this spell a must-have for almost any Enutrof. Drhellzerker now lowers the minimum range of most spells to 1, and reduces the maximum range to 3, I recommend Zerking whenever you already have the Drheller on the field and the enemy is nearby, or in any case where you need to travel a great distance.

Clumsiness & Seismic Wealth haven't really changed.

Prime of Life is back to being a simple spell. 2 AP gets you 2 MP. However, instead of a free dodge it converts your lock into a dodge bonus... which is unfortunately a pretty weak effect at low levels, but could be game changing with high level gear.

Debt shouldn't take too much explanation beyond what was said before, but I love this spell. 2 AP to reduce a target's resistances by 100, AND if you hit them again they drop a purse. Nice. Note that Enutrof can now hit 3x3 enemies with Debt, you just need line of sight to an edge cell and the middle cell needs to be in range.

Elemental spells: Fire
Fire's Enutrof's weakest element again. Don't get me wrong, the spells have nice AOEs and strong ratios for their AOEs but.. they're too limited, have poor synergy with other elements, and don't work well with Enutrof's core mechanics. We don't have anything like the old giant Firedamp/Meteor AOEs either, making the utility of these spells kinda suspect. The best spells in fire are Firedamp Explosion, which is barely changed from its previous version, except that it now retrieves a mine for you, and Hot Magma, which is now a no-nonsense strong AOE that consumes treasures to blind foes.

Elemental spells: Water
Enutrof's water element is now focused around mid to long range combat. The spells all have excellent base range and good damage ratios. Purge has long enough base range you'll sometimes feel like a Cra, and the new Cutting is perfect for sniping awkwardly placed enemies or executing summons. The last two spells are two different hard hitting spells that consume treasures to inflict a meaty debuff.

Water may not be the mandatory element it was before Enutrof's revamps, but it's an amazing set of tools for a long or mixed range enutrof.

Elemental spells: Earth
The element of heavy hitters. Most earth spells have low base range and all but one of them is line restricted, but they make up for what they lack in flexibility with raw power. Shovel of Judgment has found its true identity as a no-nonsense, spammable spell with respectable linear range and a hefty damage ratio. Killer Spade ignores armor. Shady Shovel is a reliable, short range spell with flexible targeting, and it consumes treasures to generate a hefty life steal. There's basically not a single earth spell that won't see some use for a melee and/or single target Enutrof.

As for passives... I'm still figuring out the best build using Enutrof's new passives. Does anybody have any questions about them?

Oh and, if it wasn't obvious before.. I recommend enutrof players build as Water/Earth, specializing in single target damage. But a melee build using primarily Earth spells with Fire for supplemental damage could be effective, although I think Enutrof's fire branch is missing too much to really reward its use right now. Hopefully this changes in a future patch
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For prime of life, you gotta keep in mind that you will "lose" ALL your lock for a single turn, so monsters etc will dodge you pretty easily due to 0 lock

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Could you explain?

Note that Enutrof can now hit 3x3 enemies with Debt, you just need line of sight to an edge cell and the middle cell needs to be in range.

EDIT: ah you mean big enemies, haha thought you meant in an aoe.
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We shouldn't forget the farming part of the Enutrof, as it was one of the key parts of this class. It's no longer that much... I recently did some testings with the dropped pouches (I accidentally discovered some other good and perturbing things respectively, but nothing to do with pouches themselves), and they seem mostly pointless to use now.

Back then they used Prospecting to decide what item was adquired, but now they are simply a plain roll on the target table to decide what will you get. Only the Stasis bonuses seem to apply to it, anything else will be very much like getting a candy whenever you fail to get an item drop (VS the Sufokian kokos it is basically a 50,0006466432% chances to get a candy from each pouch at Stasis 11 conditions). Add that it is randomized for the whole team. You are forced to use 2 turns to loot a target, which will likely be killed before you had a chance to do that. And basically it's not worth to try them anymore except with the dungeon bosses. And I suspect that the big pouches don't have any added bonus to them either, judging by Dy7's answer back then.

Unless you are farming materials at high Stasis levels, the pouches are not worth it anymore. And usually speed pays off more than drop rate quality.

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Makes me sad.

Nerfing Enu's ability to loot kinda made sense, since it wasn't really a healthy pattern... but I really think they need to take a closer look at general loot rates now. Enutrof was increasing the availability of a lot of items significantly, and that's not really the case anymore.

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Maybe I'm just a little dense, but where is the Drhellzerker spell?! Am I supposed to leave an open slot for it to appear once I summon my Drheller?

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Activate hotkeyd bars 3 and 4. They appear automatically there. Just have them displayed for quick access.

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Debt shouldn't take too much explanation beyond what was said before, but I love this spell. 2 AP to reduce a target's resistances by 100, AND if you hit them again they drop a purse. Nice. Note that Enutrof can now hit 3x3 enemies with Debt, you just need line of sight to an edge cell and the middle cell needs to be in range.

is it working now? I just try dedt on Jellix emperor again, and i do follow what you said, but i still cannot use it on him. 
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with 3x3 bosses u have to target the perfect middle which is considered the mob, the other 8 cells around it dont count!

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Thanks very much for putting this together!  At least helps me a lot on how I will do my Enutrof's build. happy

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So in what respect does prospecting matter anymore? For instance should I care about having a prospecting pet as well as the maka prospecting ring? What stats could you all recommend for a standard ST water earth build

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For maxing drops only. Pouches are unaffected by Prospecting, and there is no in-battle bonus for having Prospecting anymore.

As for combat stats, I would aim for ranged and Single-Target. As I was into the Enutrof path for looting, I don't really aim for AP/MP nerfing myself.

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