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Enutrof not fun anymore [1.59]

By Lianxuki - MEMBER - April 04, 2018, 04:08:21

The new mine system and abilities are not so special anymore, the mines buff are kind of contradictory .... I do not know but I did not like the rework.
What did you think of rework?

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Functional - Yes because of -200 res only. Fun factor? Least fun Enutrof to play thus far.

Most glaring problem is indeed the very flat mechanical interaction, or lack thereof in places, between the elemental spells and the mine mechanic. Spells are just mostly templates with thumbsucked effects that trigger on a burst meter (treasure tracking).

Worst, Fire has 'completely' lost its identity in this redesign. More than half of its spells are purely shapes without any mechanic, and as a whole does not even synnergise with the mine mechanic well, or any of the provided passives. So not only boring/bland, it feels poorly implemented.

I will patiently await the day other classes receive an equal method to drain this much resistance (or the Enutrof gets nerfed), as that will be the day the Enu hype is over, and people can truly see how attrociously bland and 'meh' this redesign is.

Edited Addition:

Don't get me wrong, the foundation of the current Enutrof is solid for design, but it feels half-assed and unfinished. I've mentioned it in another post as well, but it really just feels like time constraint kicked in and they decided to pull the plug on the Enutrof's redesign midway - just quickly throwing in some effects here and there and call it done.
There is so much room for creative design, and it's just not there.

They are probably getting tired of working more on the class, but I am tired as well of being dissapointed with it. Just like my other passionate comrades in coin recommended, there simply needs to be more diversity added to mine manipulation and its provided effects per element used.
Along with this, Fire needs identity, which can be fixed along with this.

Here's my full Beta blurb:


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First impressions:
1. Spells are plain boring. Sure enutrof is simple in use now, wich was the issue in previous rework, but it doesn't mean spells couldn't have extra effects. I really don't like how they made almost all of the spells "pointless"/"not exciting"/"copy-paste of other spell just with different range or cost or zone". Thats boring. Oh i said it before? Yeah well, because it is boring.

2. Passives are better but some of them lack of something and other ones doesn't work at all. For example the bonus armor when you transform to Drhellzerker - its not there, there is no armor gained, and the state says "Armor 1". Clearly some bugs.

3. Mines dissapear at random situations: be it if i summon drheller or i turn to drhellzerker form, they just become invisible to ME. Clicking, hovering - nothing works until next turn. VERY frustrating.

4. The information about core state "trasures" is hidden under "Golden mine" description. It took me an hour or more to finally find out what was causing me to get "trasures" state that was needed for spell effects and passive bonuses. QOL need to me improved here. A simple description added to an actual "Trasures" state saying how i can get it would suffice. I seriously thought i get it randomly.

5. Drheller is useless. I mean after first turn i have nothing to do with it for the next 3 turns. Sure i can pull something or make it swap place with me... but most of the time i have no need for this, and pulling something for the sake of making Drheller do anything is pointless.

6. Pouches don't appear if something is in adjacent cell with enemy that i make Broke like... 90% of the time. They should make pouch spawn on unoccupied cells, within 2 cell circle from enemy. Or at least make it spawn on one of the remaining adjacent empty cells. I consider this a bug, but again its very annoying for my Drhellzerker mode gameplay.

7. Dodging away is a pain, even with Prime of Life i don't see any changes. The lock seems to not be transfered to Dodge, or the amount i have is just too low to make a difference. Whatever is the case, they should change it. Also it seems i can't dodge away on first attempt with no penalty after transforming to beast. Again bug.

8. I don't know why but every time i attack enemy, one of my well placed mines just disappear and appear under enemy (or just right away disappear if there are other mines close to enemy). Why this mechanic exist? Whats the purpose? It only frustrates me, as i can't even move enemy to stand exactly 3 cells between other mines.

9. Only selected few spells are worth bringing to deck. I had problems because i think i had like 3 empty spell slots with none of the spells that i wanted to bring along. I ended up filling it with some filler spell for ap combo (though weak spell) and last 2 water spells that consume "Treasures" for extra mp and ap removal respectively.However after playing around with them i got very dissapointed because i could hardly use them both in 1 turn for their effects (needed 2 gold mines close to eachother, close to me, and enemy not far away from where i will end my movement). And since i rather spend "Treasures" on HP steal effect from earth spell, i realized i don't need those water spells. In fact whole water branch looks useless. Earth has 3 good spells, fire is there for some aoe's and "firedamp" state, but water? Its meh.

Overall, despite 2nd round of rework, Ankama has left a LOT of room for improvement to this class. It seems it needs 3rd round of rework now. Though the damage feels good (with the spells that does more then 25/AP) and finishing within 30 seconds is more realistic then in round 1 Enutrof revamp. And i don't know why it lost its only mobility spell with no other mobility spell in exchange. Seeing how many spells are begging for improvement, for sure the issue wasn't "lack of spell where the effect of mobility could be added" and rather "lack of time to program it and implement it".

I want to belive Enutrof will be revamped again, with the core mechanics it have now. Yes they are solid, but its half baked. At least now Enutrof is playable, but there are other classes to play, with far more interesting spell interactions.

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Debuff-Damage cycle and nothing else 

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  • MP reduction is better
  • resistance reduction is strong and useful
  • drhellzerker works with other elements than earth (improvement over first iteration)
  • mines are more pleasant than the colored cycling ones in the last iteration
  • I like that mine effects stick with you for a turn, even when you leave the mine
  • the mine mechanic is...mediocre at best. I miss the original mines - iron/tin/silver/gold, each granting increasing power when you stand on them.
  • mines don't grant any bonus to spells targeting them, so Mine Mover is really just a way to make more mines. And you honestly just want them near you so you can walk on them.
  • elements lack much distinction. In particular, fire is just different AoEs. Water no longer interacts with pouches / is no longer mandatory for pouching (good or bad?)
  • Fire is so so so sad. I want to like the spells. I really do. But I can't really appreciate any of them. 
    • Fusion is bland, with an un-useful aoe
    • meteor was nerfed so hard! The AoE changing usually just annoys me. I really miss the huge AoE of meteor + mine (or firedamp explosion, as it used to be)
    • Ember has a cool AoE and I would actually enjoy it IF it applied the -res debuff to all targets and maybe cloned mines under all targets (would break the "rules of geology", but they seem to be arbitrary rules anyway)
    • Firedamp Explosion hurts allies. It hurts allies. It's impossible to use it on an enemy, and it's not often useful on allies, except occasionally on the team's feca.
    • Hot magma is the only useful one - and it's not amazing by any means
  • mines:
    • Change the bonuses from mines slightly. Perhaps reduce the -res, but make it apply to all enemies targeted AND make the mine stay under the enu. If necessary, downgrade it a level once you use it — but ideally let it keep building each turn.
    • Add a final damage bonus to spells cast while standing on a mine (this will make up for less -res)
    • Change mine mover to have multiple effects: creating a mine or moving & upgrading one
    • Get rid of the "rules of geology." Honestly, what's the point? They're a minor inconvenience, and rarely strategically important.
  • Fire spells:
    • Return Meteor to the last version: nonLoS and with an expanded AoE on a mine
    • Make allies immune to damage from Firedamp Explosion
    • Change the way Fusion works. Either add the -range from two versions ago (maybe -1 range per hit if the enemy is on a mine) or change it to a single-target spell that becomes a square AoE when targeting a mine (like old Meteor)
    • Change Hot Magma to have a damage bonus with Treasures rather than the -range. Although I love being able to reduce range, it's distinctly less useful when it requires turns of setup (getting treasures) and is limited to -3 range, linear, once per turn.
    • Make Ember range boostable
  • Actives:
    • Prime of Life is strange now. I'd like to see a passive that makes it cost only 1wp, or a general reduction of the cost to 1ap1wp. As it is, it's weak.
    • Maybe just make Seismic Wealth a built-in passive. +5% final damage per mine within 6 or 8 spaces of the enu. Or eliminate it in favor of adding the final damage to mines themselves.
    • Drhelzerker is mostly great, BUT it would be pretty cool to have some effect of walking. Maybe give back the FD bonus per MP used walking.
  • Passives:
    • Treasure tracker! I miss my final damage from prospecting. It didn't add up to the crazy final damage some classes could achieve, but it was nice!
    • I have an idea for a synergistic passive that would add to both Enu's debuffing potential and encourage the use of MP and dodge: 
      • Make a passive that causes every enemy the Enu dodges to lose range. Maybe -1 if it's with losses, -2 if without. That would be an interesting effect, make dodging more tempting, and give Drhellzerker some debuffing ability.
  • Pouches:
    • Pouches are less likely to give good items now, and they have literally 0 synergy with anything else in the game. Give us some use for them again! Have them change Purge to AoE! Give us a 10-15% FD boost for picking one up! Bring back big pouches! Honestly, even give the FD bonus to the random player who gets the item...anything...please...
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Beg Ankama to not give anyone anymore than -100 resistance. 

IMO other than fire branch being terribly simple. The class is fine. Has room for improvement like every "fine" class. Even Eca has room for improvement and they're great. Glad,reduced pouches in favour of overall class strength though.

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Out of curiosity, do you play an enu? Most of the nuance of the class has been eliminated. It's once again a playable class, you're right. But it's mostly just -res and -mp spam. There isn't even the strategy of placing mines or using mp as a zerker to gain buffs.

I do agree about the pouches, mostly. They were ridiculous. Now they're...pointless, or nearly so. There must be a middle ground.

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The last iteration was CERTAINLY worse, but, yeah, kinda....

-Start battle
-summon Dhreller
-turn into Dhrellzerker
-get close to unfortunate enemy
-hit him till he dies
-repeat with another enemy till fight is over
-next battle...

The mines not having any other functionality is very boring. The spell boni from the Treasure buff seems redundant. Enus ceratinly only have a 1-star difficulty now...


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Better than the last version, but still not better than the version before that.

edit: nice downvotes kids smile

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Didn't played for one year, juste repoped during this week. Saw the change in the enutrof and was really disappointed just by looking at the tooltip of the spells. The spells looks too simple, it make me feel just tweaks of damage or range but nothing more.

I was enjoying playing enutrof as a meme player with my guild. (some evident joke with the class and the pounches) i remember the times were my guild weren't paying attention to mob and just keeping running to my pouches (that's when a friend discovered the melee cra Kappa ) that was really fun.

really enjoyed Earth water gameplay loved to do big erupt (or taxes, don't know the english names of spells), then phorzerker, but now i don't feel like i will play it anymore. it was my first and only character. I've decided to reroll...

I was waiting a lot for the Enutrof changes, but it changed way to much in negative aspect imo and i don't find the fun and the meme class i was playing before.

I didn't care that it was a subclass before, but i wanted it to be more useful.

Now i want it to be back to a subclass and recover the first and funniest class i ever played....

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So... just because they're not "funny" now you'll reroll?

That's "funny". Enutrofs finally have a really good use in team composition, they're great at preventing movement, removing resist and damage. And they haven't lost their poaches, I personally love that teams now want my enutrof, before almost no one wanted one so I had to play alone most of the time.

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iiNoted|2018-07-23 10:47:54
So... just because they're not "funny" now you'll reroll?

That's "funny". Enutrofs finally have a really good use in team composition, they're great at preventing movement, removing resist and damage. And they haven't lost their poaches, I personally love that teams now want my enutrof, before almost no one wanted one so I had to play alone most of the time.

Nobody wanted to play with enus not because pouches were bad but because they were a useless class outside of good -range rape. 
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