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Reform Enu PLEASE

By -Gim#3124 - MEMBER - January 13, 2018, 20:07:55
Please Ankama polish or reform the Enutrof the Rework that they did no more than worsened the class 

I want to play Wakfu 
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I think I kinda agree.

As simple feedback:
  • Positive - Damage: Enutrof gains more damage, in more interesting ways than before. This can be fun and rewarding.
  • Positive - Build Variety: While before the only really viable Enutrof builds were either Distance or Single Target, there are now a variety of ways to build an Enutrof.
  • Positive - Mines are more useful! Mines do more interesting things now, which can make them more interesting.
  • Negative - Complexity: One of the stated goals of the revamp was to simplify Enutrof. The revamp failed in this. Enutrof needs to perform multiple tasks to achieve even small effects. Cast limits, short effect durations, and incompatible targeting create additional complexity.
  • Negative - Poor durability: Enutrof's short spell ranges and general mechanics encourage Enutrof to fight on the front lines more than ever, but Enutrof has lost almost all of its tools for sustaining themselves. The lack of armor, life steal or any other kind of durability boosting options really stands out compared to other melee damage dealers. They are behind Iop in durability, and Iop far outstrips Enutrof in damage.
  • Poor Spell Identity: Aside from Enutrof's fire spells, which have a strong AOE focus, the fact that virtually all of Enutrof's mechanics are tied to changing or triggering mines leaves many spells with weak identity. Thankfully some spells have some subtle value that becomes more obvious with experience. But not every spell's so lucky.

Bugs & design issues that exacerbate these general problems:
  • The Movement spell can only be used to move mines twice per turn. This seems to be a bug since the spell does not mention this drawback anywhere in its description or conditions.
  • Despite being essential to the Enutrof's new playstyle, Movement unlocks at a surprisingly high level, being the fourth active specialty unlocked.
  • Standout example: The bonus effect on Shovel Kiss (4ap 1wp Earth spell) is... bizarre to say the least. It's a complex, counter-intuitive interaction that doesn't really achieve anything special. It's a strong effect, but... for the spell's "complexity budget" it would be nice if the spell's extra effects would reinforce the earth element's identity in some way.
  • Also, the spell Killer Spade is painfully bad. It's literally only used as combo filler. Its special effect virtually never comes up except as a niche counter in PVP--other anti-summon spells have far more utility.

In a lot of ways, I feel like experience with the class softens some of the sting, and brings out some of the better qualities of the revamp but... the class still needs more work. I mean, the revamp's got a solid framework at least.

Sorry if I'm co-opting your thread here!

Not entirely sure what the ideal fixes would be, but I think some clearer utility to Enutrof in melee, and better Drhellzerker synergy on some key spells might help. Maybe some tweaks to amp up Enutrof's utility effects either by simplifying them, or expanding on our options.
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After long break (1 year) i came back to wakfu. I wanted to try my Enutrof after revamp.
I saw some nice dmg potential in spells and o i went to test this class at training grounds in Astrub.
At first i didn't really know what to do.
Spells seemed confusing wich trigger what and i realized few things:
1. Timer is too short for the actions Enutrof want to take (mainly placing mines and then to still have time to use spells effectively...)
2. Moving mines is not intuitive. Instead of moving the mine i selected, it moves other mines. The description says "the closest mine to targeted cell is moved" BUT when 2 mines of the same type are within the same distance to the cell and i want to move mine from me closer to enemy, it usually does the opposite and instead of having, say, 3 blue mines near enemy (for Prime of Life trigger), i end up having just 2. This leaves me frustrated really.
3. There is no mention how mine is triggered, unless i am blind. I was wondering how i can trigger gold mine, but i ended up buffing enemy or simply removing the mine from cell with no trigger effect given to me.
4. Gold mine seems to be the only mine meant to be used as buff to self or ally, but triggering the effect of extra ap takes often too much time to execute and reward is just 1 ap. It seems very situational to be in situation where ally could benefit from it, so i doubt i will ever use it.
5. If enemy happen to be standing on gold mine, my spells will trigger it and buff enemy with AP. I doubt this is intentional.
6. Maybe i failed at trying but it seems that i can only reduce mere 50 resist. Repeated use of blue mine on the same enemy doesn't seem to affect it in any way.
7. Even though timer is too short, the use per turn for moving mines is 5 times. I think thats a bug because i can only move 2 mines. Using the spell more times doesnt seem to do anything else then selecting the mine type for following turn. This is very confusing and it's hard to get used to it.
8. Some spells are just pure damage... and they are even weak at it - feels like revamp was rushed and not all spells were thought through.

I would appreaciate if someone could find me a good way to play water/earth enu now and how spell rotations look like.

I tried pure fire enu and it seems to be the main branch to use effectively with current design.
And yes, using Drheller to trigger mines seems to be the way to go.
So far i haven't found a way to trigger gold mine on me during my own turn, wich means Drhellzerker form has no way to trigger them for self AP gain. And since Drheller is best for creating multiple mines, Drhellzerker form has problems in making them. That is to say i see little use for Drhellzerker gameplay now, aside from getting access to backstab, but the fact that many spells are locked at range 3-3 is kinda meh.
I also think that the spells that create mine and replace other type of mine should be one and the same spell.
I feel like this Enu need revamp in spells,  though general mechanics are ok. I like how you need 3 gold mines near enemy to make them drop pouches before they are KO'ed, but i don't like that making enemies Broke is so inconvenient when it comes to cost. It's not like you are gonna make enemy Broke just for purses. There are spells in water branch that deal more dmg only on Broke enemies. It feels too much of trouble trying to make enemy near 3 gold mines, make them Broke (5ap wasted total) and only then to use water spells. Playing as fire and detonating all mines feels way easier to play and achieve good dmg.
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4. Drheller can trigger the mines too and the AP boost lasts 2 turns, which imo is just free stats. Theres also no cap on how much AP you can give.

5. Its intentional, enemies cant see your mines though so they cant really stand on them intentionally. You can also change color of the mine with meteor or rascalry.

6. You can only remove 50 res, so 1 blue mine is the max res chip.

Once you get used to the mine movement you will most likely not feel the "time" pressure anymore, although if you got lags it will prolly drive you crazy trying to move different mines
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Changes that I would make to the Enutrof

1- The Mine Mover spell when casting it on top of an active mine is useful for the Enutrof to activate the gold field in its turn and does not depend on the Dhreller

2- The gold mine, do not give PA to the enemies, and the mine of emerald and sapphire bonus to the Enutrof when activated on the

3- Change the pasive Not Dead Yet, from mastery CaC to mono-objective mastery

4- Change the Killer Spade spell, the damage bonus to invocations is almost never seen in action, to put something more useful.

5- Rascalry to add some more utility like Meteor that does something when throwing it on a mine

6- You have to change in some way Movement can not think of anything, something I would say should do, is to move the mine we selected, and we should not wait for the animation of the spell since that's where you lose precious seconds

NOTE: I do not know if they understood something, I'm from the Hispanic community, and I wrote all this through the Google Translatorbiggrin
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+1 to most of the ideas.

Some more thoughts
Killer spade
  • Maybe 100% life steal?
  • Maybe remove the 1/target & linear restrictions, change 1-2 modifiable range?

  • Maybe increased damage to enemies on mines?
  • Alternatively, generate Treasures when hitting targets on mines?
 For Not Dead Yet... some other mechanics that might help:
  • Increased range or damage in Drhellzerker form, maybe?
  • Or maybe unlock life steal effects in some conditions?
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As many mentioned, the MINE MOVER spell is just weird/bad, 5 uses but only 2 to actually move mines??

Instead of that extra spell shortcut bar, of which the display in and out and back into fights is heavily bugged, you should turn the DRHELLZERKER spell into a 2nd cast of the PHONE A FRIEND spell again....
There are a lot of other spells with drastic differences under certain conditions (Masked Spirit, TImekeeper), why not here??

SEISMIC WEALTH: On the one hand, this spell seems to be needed to  get to the REAL good damage output for enutroufs and it needs several turns of preparations, on the other hand, MOST other Enu-specific mechanics aim to CONSUME mines, pick ONE side, pelase...

ADVANCE GEOLOGY: How on earth am i supposed to use the Dhrellzerker bonus damage, when 46% (7/15) of my spells CONSUME the mines??

NOT DEAD YET: Range and Meelee damage..... just....what?????

PRIME OF LIFE: This would be FAR better without needing LoS

KILLER SPADE: As people already mentioned, before: the bread and butter of a lot of Enus, now,: basically useless... minimal range, ONE USE, extra passive is practically never used...

No way to self-trigger goldmines under Enu or allies as Enu.

No decent way to creat variety of new mines as Drhellzerker.

The range "issue" as Drhellzerker .... Refinement has a range of 3 ... just 3....

The fact that you can only effect an enemy with one mine of each type HEAVILY reduces the (probably?) intended usefulness of the debuffs (what good does -ONE range do???)
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about Gold Mines, Firedamp explosion works very well if your aim is to spread AP upon your allies and even yourself
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I think that mine mover should be completly removed and inserted as bonus into one of existing passive effect:
If no mine under enutrof at start of turn: Create random mine under enutrof.
It would save precious seconds to use this spell.
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