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MY ENU 2.0 Aoe earth/fire

By lucapetrerigmailcom - MEMBER - November 02, 2017, 15:08:03

To start i wanna say u i had to change totally my build, game style and my gear and it's a big effort; i was playing a St distance enu Wather/ earth so i understand the difficult to appreciate the new enu but i think st distance enu is dead unfortunally.

 I'm reading too much people cring and complaining without understand the total different idea back new enu so i want to try to give u a different prospect. 

(My enu is earth/fire lvl 146)

build: (act): every fire spells and shaker, kiss and judgment if u don't wanna use prime of life;
                    phone, reaping, movement, seismic wealth
           (pass): carnage, tracker, geology, blessing and i have to choose the others two probably credit interest to start with 2wp (in my case 3)

combo: (i'm using jelly belt so i can start with one wp but u can use the passive which can let u start with 2 wp) 

T1- call drell and if u can put a mine under enu do it than try to move on gold or green mine; move two mines close and under a mob(not gold mine under mobs but however u can change the color of mine under mob with meteor) and cast kiss to get 2wp and PP than spam meteor

Drell T1: trigger gold mines under enu to give him 2 extra ap, if u are lucky and smart, and above all Wp and PP or use the spell to put a line of mines close enu cose the second turn u'll cast wealth if the situation request it

T2- (cast wealth close mines if u are dealing with a long fight than) try to put mines under and close mob, cast meteor to change them in red one to get extra dmg from  magma and together deal dmg, than cast magma and spam  meteor or ember if u need an X aoe or stronger earth spells if u have Ap and good lines.

D2: put the drell close mobs and cast mines to deal dmg and debuff or to put a line of mines close mobs if u need it; u have to read the situations but in every cases u must focus on make mines close mobs and last but don't least trigger mines with drell for wp and PP it's essential

T3- repeat T1 or T2 or u can also cast meteor to put the dreller at the end of edge of shaker to get extra dmg from it.

*If u wanna get bags u have to cast reaping on mobs with 30 40% of life than kill them with meteor the best way i think but not the only one. Yes i know it's different than before but i starting to think the drop is better now and with experience u can deal with the new sistem as well

*many people sad the jumping drell is tedious but if u und better the system it could be very nice for shaker and to let the drell stay close mobs move it where u prefer (because with are u can hit a cell and deal dmg as well ) cast lines of mines close mob.

* the point of enu aoe earth/fire is to und the lines of aoe than u can get fantastic range with no lines of pull and very nice and numerous dmgs

So to finish i hope u can und my eng, appreciate my effort and consider this post like a start to build together the new enu sistem. Enjoy!

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Thank you for this short guide, I will try it out on my Enu.

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Wouldnt say st/distance is dead, Enus strongest dmg potential comes from this mastery combination tongue

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