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New Enutrof, QnA and discussion

By Gelgy - MEMBER - October 25, 2017, 03:44:22

So today there's a lot of people confused about the new Enutrof, and quite frankly I just don't have it in me to write a full guide for it. So... how about we just have a conversation?

I'm gonna be updating this post with answers to questions I get, and this will probably evolve into a fuller guide with time.

Do you like the revamp?
Not really. I like a lot of the ideas in the revamp but I feel the execution has fallen short.

Are we good at getting loot?
Yes and no. Enutrof still has prospecting bonuses through passives and mechanics, and can still generate extra drops for the team with bags but... The classic loot mule enutrof is finally dead.

This seems really complicated
Not technically a question but a common complaint and yes.

The new enutrof has a lot of ideas in it that could make the class more robust & simpler to play, but the way the mechanics were implemented makes setting up a deck and playing significantly more counter intuitive than before.

How do we stack treasures?
So, the new Enutrof has only a few ways to generate treasures:

  • Treasure Tracker: Per mine triggered +10-15 Treasures
  • Shovel Kiss: When the caster is on an Emerald mine, +20 Treasures
  • Prime of Life: If 3 Sapphire Mines are in the AOE: +100 Treasures

The most efficient method is just to use the Treasure Tracker passive and have either the Drheller regularly triggering mines, or to use AOE spells to trigger them.

Do we still get damage from Prospecting?
Yes! Enutrof's innate Geology effect gives us 1% damage inflicted per 10 Prospecting (max 15%).

What builds do you suggest, Gelgy?
If you want to make Enutrof work, for whatever reason...
  • waterfire / waterearthfire : A distance mastery & range focused build still works. Like before it's a "mid-range" class that's strongest at ranges 3 to 6. You can build for all three elements with this build, but water and fire have your strongest range options. This build pretty much can't use Drhellzerker.
  • earthfire: An AOE build has lots of potential, since the new fire branch is pretty strong.
  • waterearth: Single-Target Enutrof is still possible. This build has high damage potential but less utility than before, due to Enutrof's lack of efficient & reliable debuff tools. Also, single target Enutrof doesn't have as much room to be three-element as before. This is the best build for using Drhellzerker.
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From playing around a bit, I just generally feel that pouching is no longer worth it outside of very select situations, and Broke in general is pretty situational at best. Against a hard boss, I feel like the setup of getting 3 gold mines near the boss is a pretty big hindrance when i could be using my actions to actually kill the thing.  For an easy boss that you still kill last, well the setup just feels incredibly cumbersome unless I get lucky with the random mines from geology and my dhreller. I'd be better off just doing another run.

I can see myself using broke on Flax, since I generally kill him first, and a few other select ones like Cledus, but other than that it seems mostly only useful for archmonsters, where you're pouching for the extra glou.

In terms of Broke as a general status effect, the damage boost seems pretty weak, and I could just be using  that AP to throw spells at the enemy. I'd rather it cost WP than AP. Same with like, most of our utility skills, really. Like I can get 5% damage per mine for 3 AP? Like, maybe if I've got a dead turn in fights like steel beak. Otherwise i'd rather throw another blue mine under the boss and tax him (I forget the new name of the spell, but the one with the old tax icon.)

Refinement seems awkward to use, since treasures build up really slowly, and if I spend all my treasures for a mediocre burst, the team could've just taken a better class.

Activating mines seems, eh okay, but the mine tossing animation takes way too long, and cuts into my already complicated turns. Especially if a dhreller is out.

Speaking of dhrellers, I'm kinda lost as to when to use dhrellzerker now, since your dhreller is now pretty much mandatory for unearthing mines, moving them, and activating them to build up your WP, unless there's another method of gaining WP I'm missing. I heard some people say it is okay for tanking, but i've never tried that because well, I've already got a Feca for that.

Also using your dhreller to provide an AP boost to party members is kinda nice, but just in general I feel like my feca is better at buffing/debuffing.

Also movement is kinda awkward now without our old prime of life, and I feel like my damage is worse than before when I just spammed refinement.

Right now I kinda just wish my Enu was another Osa since that class still works.

(For reference, lvl 176 Enu, spent about an hour on a potato sack, then did flax/torm, kannivore, and srambad. Mainly did water/earth since that is what all my gear still is.)

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Also thinking a little bit, here are some changes that I'd want to see.

-Shift some of our active spells to use WP instead of AP. Our WP is kinda sparse, but so is AP.

-Give us some way to pick up all pouches at the end of combat, especially for bosses. Thematically this would work well on the greed passive.

-Give more spells interaction with broke. For example, it'd be neat if using a spell on a broke target uncovered a mine of the corresponding color if there wasn't one there already.

-Remove the cooldown on Broke. It is stupid and I see no reason for it.

-Bring back our old prime of life, or give us some new movement skill or let us steal MP or something. Being slow in this game is annoying as hell.

It'd be cool if mines had dual effects for friends and enemies, or instead of cutting mp/res from enemies, we could steal it from them. The red mines are kinda neat in this fashion in that you can hit an enemy with it to buff yourself (however, if I'm in range to steal their range, I don't really need range, do I?)

It'd be cool if we had some ability that let us just passively generate mines, maybe as a passive. I know we can sorta already do this with dhrellers, but it'd be cool.

Cut down the animation speed on mine tossing to 0.1 seconds. Please it just takes way too long.

Spells that consume treasure are just, I dunno, weird. My suggestion is that they should either automatically drop pouches on broke enemies in addition to their effects, or they should only consume a portion of our treasures. (like, -50% or -50 or something). Maybe even both.

It would also be cool if there was a passive that improved our dhrellers (not just giving them the mine ability). Like, more AP/MP, the ability to lock, more resists, etc.

A lot of the passives as they are feel just bizarre or undertuned. Some of the effects could be combined, have some of my suggestions added as part of them, or just have their numbers tweaked.

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i need to sleep on this to be honest its different but it seems punish slow play time set hot keys for new skill set up

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It's really hard to set up for decent dmg now compared to before, and the rewards isn't even worth it. The most I was able to do after 1-2 turns set up is a 2 turn burst with Refinement and that was me being lucky to get my random mines close to each other. After that I'm back to either setting up or deal crap damage.

As I said on the other thread, they made Enu's kit loaded with the spell+mine sync that they had to make the ratios of the spells suck. So casting the spell without the mines would make it trash. If there are no mines near your target, you would need at least 4ap to get Treasure and deal damage. Also, limiting the number of times you can cast your mine placing spells and movement makes things worse.

They put a cast limit on almost every spell that enu has. They should just revert enu back to its old state and leave the goddamn old man alone.

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If this post gets 20 thumbs up I'll make a video of me deleting my lv 197 enutrof

EDIT: I should've said 50.

Rest in RIP Dankruptcy September 2017-Update 1.56

as per usual this is a puush'd MP4 file. I don't have the patience to make a product worth publishing to youtube. Enjoy.

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What a huge sacrifice 0.0

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So how to bring back the enu look at how players used them buffs the spells that no one used and change the way bags work so its fair.Build on what players like not just make it fit your vision  How did we end up with this? (weeps into hands)

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Honestly, a few simple things would work. 

For example:

  • Rebalance the 2 AP spells for placing mines directly under targets.
  • Rebalance Rascalry and Killer Spade spells.
  • Re-evaluate the cost of Seismic Wealth. 3 AP is rather steep.
  • In general: re-evaluate the strength of Enutrof's elemental spells with an eye toward mine triggering being a bonus effect, not the core function of a spell.

This version of Enutrof isn't beyond saving.

Also: Consider axing the pouching mechanics entirely, in favor of rebalancing Enutrof to be an off-tank.
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Yeah, having played with it some now, I am definitely not feeling it - Surely there is the factor in play that I need to get used to things suddenly working ass-backwards for no real reason (Moving mines), or simply having a lot of things behave different from how it used to be, yet I've played a great many of iterations of a lot of classes during their revamps, and this would be the first time I truly feel the class is frustratingly clumsy and unintuitive to handle.

I agree with Gelgy in that a lot of stuff can be remedied without needing to go back to the drawing board, assuming that's the last thing they want to do. My own problems are much in line with everyone's too so they're pretty much copied (oh well!), and I just really hope that the designteam will truly listen to our critiques on this matter:

  • The biggest problem definitely lies with the movement and manipulation of the mines themselves. It is currently confusing, slow, unintuitive.. just bad. Please go back to letting us move mines again in a simple controlled fashion, picking them up and tossing them, and generating them on an empty square.
  • The first spells in each Element feel bland, weak and simply not useful. Please let them have some unique effect, and indeed consider creating mines with them while hitting targets. Spending 2 AP to create a mine on an empty square is simply too wasteful, especially considering the effects of said mines are equivelent to effects other ranged classes simply have as part of their abilities to begin with!
  • Rascalry is redundant - What is however missing is something in the Water's kit that makes better use of blue mine consumption, or synergy with mines whatsoever.
  • The Drheller's auto-jump-movement should be a toggle-mode at the very least. Currently its an enormous hindrance, often spontaneously blocking my line of sight etc.
  • Killer Spade and Shady Shovel both feel very uninspired and could definitely fill in some lacking utility in place
  • Too many layers of cumbersome micromanagement hindrances!!!! - We have 'exotic micromanaged Wakfu management on top of pricey AP consumption on top of high-demand setup on top of hefty cooldowns on top of ease-of-use handicaps'! Half the time when you want any plan to work at all during a turn you will likely stumble into one of the aformentioned handicaps preventing your plan somehow, causing your entire turn to fall apart! Oh and that would obviously be if you can even fit it all within a 30 sec window.
  • Let us get 1 bag when killing an enemy with Broke, and let it be 2 bags when using the Prime of Life combo. Let us automatically pick up a Boss' bag upon defeating them last.

And yes, we don't really get to hear if the ability to bag is purposely pulling the Enutrof down in its role to be adequate at anything else - I have occassionely forwarded the idea that if it IS, I'd much rather have bagging be toggled through use of a passive that effectively comes with its own package to keep a Loot Enutrof in check (Not to mention it would take one passive slot). Without it enabled, the Enutrof should simply be as balanced as any other class.

Closing note: My own conclusion is that somewhere, during the design process of the Enutrof the idea must have come up that 'nothing comes for free' with the Enutrof, and thus every single ability or mechanic can only be accomplished through use of ludicrous setup or penalty. As an end-result, we now have layers upon layers of handicaps and restrictions to even accomplish the most casual of tasks. This needs to be improved a lot!
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Agree, with those fake-simple mechanism, you cannot fit the spell flow in just 30 sec indeed [email protected] and my dear Drheller jumping here and there on mine is blocking sight here and there :/

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Totally agree with the 2 AP to unearth element mine on empty cell is too harsh!!! Then you need 0mp/0ap Movement(Mine mover) to move the mine underneath enemy is 2 way complex then previous just 1MP Mine Mover unearth and 1MP again directly put the mine underneath enemy instead ~

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Previously, you can use 1MP Mine Mover to move mine underneath enemy, then use 2AP Rascalry to pouch enemy. Else you can use 3AP Cutting if in melee instead OR simply use 6AP 1WP Refinement if in range too. It is more easy way and straightforward.

Compare to now, you can find a Emerald Mine, then use Shovel Kiss to turn into Gold mine that under your cell, then use Movement to swap the Gold mine near enemy, wait, you need total 3 Gold mine before activate the Prime of Life. Ok, next turn you repeat the same steps and if you lucky you can have new 1MP Mine Mover unearth a random mine, or use Drheller try its luck unearth 2 random mine. Oh, you need apply the 2AP Reaping for Broke state before the Prime of Life trigger the Gold mine to drop the pouches...

Thus, with several turn try build the Gold mine near enemy and if the condition meet, the 2AP(Reaping)+3AP(Prime of Life) = 5AP with no damage finally drop a pouch :/ (only if the enemy is still in the coverage area of Gold mine)

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HateSpawn|2017-10-25 22:01:47
If this post gets 20 thumbs up I'll make a video of me deleting my lv 197 enutrof

just do it
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Some things that would improve gameplay for me:

  • in zerker form, passively find 1-2 random mines per turn, to offset the lack of drheller.
  • I still think Mine Mover would be better as a spell with three/four uses:
    • on a mine, move that mine to the Enu's location
    • on an empty cell, move the cell the Enu is on to the targeted location
    • on the Enu, uncover a random mine
    • (on an empty cell, while Enu is not on a mine, uncover a random mine)
  • the +dmg spell and broke spell are both too expensive. Make them each 1ap or 1wp.
  • Prime of Life is extremely awkward and difficult. Make it 2 mines of the same type, increase the area, remove the "consumes mines" effect... just change it somehow.
    • ALTERNATIVELY make it a single-target spell, and have it consume the mine the enu is standing on for similar effects. The cooldown would probably have to be edited.
  • the 2ap mine-creation spells are bad. They need to create mines under their target as well, and they could use some differentiation between elements.
  • I don't even pretend to understand why the drheller teleport was added. It's awkward at best, and potentially destructive in many cases. Remove or add to a passive.
  • MANY passives are less effective than they could be. 15% dmg inflicted while full WP? Why not use Carnage instead. 1range and 160 melee mastery? Boring and not particularly strong. -3WP? are people really going to use that ever?
    • (Some of these present interesting balance possibilities. 1 range and 160 melee mastery is dull, but +3 range, +15% melee damage dealt, and -10% ranged damage dealt might be interesting.)
  • The pouch mechanic has gone from easily-abused to massively awkward. Remove it or make it so enemies that are broke when they die / when combat ends just add an extra drop. It's particularly odd because the pouches have 0 synergy with any other mechanic. They're just drops.
  • Consider adding a shield spell to zerk mode, to add a bit of tankiness. As it is, we're expected to go into CC with only minimal protection. A spell of each branch that shields as a zerker and/or steals HP as an enu would be a nice addition.
    • For instance: Hot Magma could have slightly higher base damage (150), with 25% HP steal (while Enu) or 30-40 base shield (while Zerker) for every mine in the AoE. (These are just number estimates; it might need to be different. If it were "for every Ruby mine" then the base would have to be considerably higher — maybe 50% HP steal or 60-70 base shield).
  • I still don't like the fact that Refinement eats up all of the prospecting you've gotten. Divide Treasures into two states: one that increases prospecting to a max of 100, and one that is consumed by Refinement / potentially other spells.

Finally, Pouches going to random teammates is fine, but I'd much rather see the mechanic gone entirely, with a team buff in its place. For instance, rather than building 100 pp on the enu, Treasures could be globally beneficial with 100 on enu and 25-50 on each other character. Or, enus could have a default passive that grants 1 additional drop from each monster, randomly given to a team member. 
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"massively awkward" is a good way to put it but ... the real issue is that i only have 30 seconds to make a perfect move... i play elio mostly another long turn class.... and its a huge pain in the ass when i cant finish my turn cause im watching tv or foreseeing my doom or whatever 

volcano still pretty good, lots of ways to stack up damage ... refinement eats everything cause its really good... use that with molten impact on a drillzherker and your good to go slam down every second turn 

may aswell jut made my own post instead of just poking you but who cares....


entrouf went from a brain dead farm class to fill a spot to a precise striker/juggler with cc capabilities  ..... kinda funny 

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Hello guys sry for my eng... i ll try to explain... with a friend we choose an enu with area mastery and i really like it but now i dont know Cc or Distance or just general mastery help me
The build:
Pass: tresure trak, geology, blessing, carnage... im 143 the next probabily will be not death yet or force of will i have to choise...
Active: movement rescaly meteor kiss judgment hotmagma phone seismic reaping ember shaker and fusion but probabily better purge.... with this build u can get extra dmg froom triggering can make dmg with dreller and get easily Pp bonus WP and really good dmg.... tell me wath do u think. I have already get a final idea about it but for nowmac probabily it s the best for an enu

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I'd recommend going for AOE and general Elemental mastery in your case.

For post-revamp Enutrof I can only really recommend one of three builds:

  • Distance: waterfireearth You get to use most of Enutrof's strongest spells and can flex between single target and AOE spells. Highest utility the new Enu gets, because you can always take advantage of mines. This is the only build that I feel can run all three elements. However, this is probably the worst build for using Drhellzerker.
  • AOE: fireearth You miss out on the hardest hitting water spells, but you can make good use of the fire and earth elements. Most reliable mine activation.
  • SIngle Target: waterearth For PVP or looting. Low utility due to the poor mine mechanics, but good damage through Cutting, Tax and Refinement.

I wouldn't do double specialties in the Strength characteristic as an Enutrof. Your spell options are already limited enough without narrowing them further.
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HateSpawn|2017-10-25 22:01:47
If this post gets 20 thumbs up I'll make a video of me deleting my lv 197 enutrof

EDIT: I should've said 50.

Rest in RIP Dankruptcy September 2017-Update 1.56

as per usual this is a puush'd MP4 file. I don't have the patience to make a product worth publishing to youtube. Enjoy.


i just moved back to enu since cra nerf.
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I try to find a way for my enu acc but this is so messed up. I don't feel new enu so much. I rly try to find a decent way to play him but i failed. I can only wait for guide from much more inteligent enu players. For now my greedy bankier must wait in shadow :c

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imho, a guide won't really solve the main problem of the Enutrof: It's incredibly cumbersome and unintuitive to handle.

A guide could likely explain that setting up formations of mines for Fire, or cycling Prospecting/Broke turns with water would be one of the better ways to go for DPS, but you will whatsoever be at the mercy of awkward mine manipulation management and massive sequencing hazards thanks to cooldowns and costs.

Until they take the Enutrof back to the drawing board to put more sense into the creation and moving of mines, which I really hope would be soon enough, I don't think many people are even in the mood to write up an Enutrof guide. Its basically a 4 star difficulty class right for no real reason, and without the results to make up for it.

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As the days pass, my frustration with the new Enutrof does not seem to decrease - if anything, quite the opposite. As I mentioned already in previous replies, one thing that really blows my mind is just how over-the-top they went with bottlenecks, drawbacks and other limitations on basically every single thing the Enutrof can do. I will list all the frustrations, clearly remarking just how unfriendly the class plays for those wishing to need guidance on their new Enutrofs:

Warning, this might be high on the TL/DR factor of things, but we're all together here in this thread to wish for the best in the end!


- Basically every spell seems to have 1/2/3-per turn conditions, why exactly?
- Basically every utility spell has lengthy cooldowns to make matters worse.

So effectively, when they speak of the Enutrof having so called 'cycles', they truly mean you are simply restricted from lots of options half of the time and need to resort to some other clumsy mechanic bearing the same problems.

- The Enutrof has a very clumsy-to-use ability to choose a specific mine, so that he can relocate the closest mine of the chosen colour to a tile you select.. provided a mine of that colour is within 3 range.

Yeah the ability works as confusing as it reads. Instead of simply giving the Enutrof an accurate, swift and reasonable mechanic to move around mines (like.. we used to have, and which the Drheller still has), we're at the mercy of effectively being able to move mines 3 spaces away from their original location, twice a turn. Its confusing, unintuitive and incomprehensibly sloppy from a design perspective.

- To make matters worse, the Enutrof's alternative tools to get mines where we want them to be are often ineffective or costy too.

We have 3!! almost identical spells focussed on creating mines, yet they will only do so when targetting empty squares for 2 AP. Said spells have no special effect to go along with their damage whatsoever when used on enemies (aside from triggering mines like most spells do). For some reason Rascalry can also turn mines Blue without even triggering the previous mine or doing anything else really.
Basically, the rundown is that Enutrofs will have a hard time actually getting mines underneath enemies during their own turn. You can move mines awkwardly within restricted range with Mine Mover, or spend 2 AP a pop to make specific coloured mines in empty squares.
This all might have perhaps not been so bad IF:

- The actual effects of mines are basically the equivelent of spell-effects often integrated for free on other class' attacks.

It might feel like you just performed a miracle, but while you were doing the figurative equivelent to performing drunk twister with an Octopus, after all that maddening mess of a setup and detonating a mine, the result is just a reduction drop, Range theft, or MP drain. Most of this might seem familiar - you usually get such fine additions on spells on other classes without all that hassle. And no, the Enutrof does not have magically inflated DPS on his standard spells to make up for it either.

- Bagging is either done by applying Broke and killing things within 2 turns while Broke, or applying a methaphorical surgical incision. Given that somehow they decided to not let you pick up bags upon killing say, a boss last, let's spell out a little guide on how to bag prematurely:

1) Make sure to apply REAPING on the boss you want to have the BROKE status on. But oh be careful, as REAPING costs 2 AP, needs line of sight and can only be cast centered on a mine (as a cross-shape). It will also have a 2 Turn Cooldown! Better not mess this up!

2) Make sure you actually have Wakfu! Enutrofs start with 0 and need to build this up by triggering those mines!

3) Let's cast Prime of Life! This will cost 3 AP and a Wakfu and needs Line of Sight as well. This will have a 3 turn cooldown though, so you better not mess this up either! Oh but wait, before we forget:

4) You better have 3 Golden Mines laying around the enemy all conveniently, or else none of this will work. Thankfully the Enutrof has awkard ways to move 2 mines around during his turn, so let's hope those golden mines were somewhat nearby already. Your Drheller can help, so the Boss better stay nicely in place like a good ol' puppy.

5) Enjoy your bags popping out after all this! Now you just need to actually pick them up before the enemies do of course, oh snap! Perhaps someone, that is likely not you, might enjoy their newly gained spoils after all this hard work! biggrin


And to close off things, more random nuisances to add to the mix:

- Drheller flies around erratically where you target your spells, whether or not you want this to happen. There will be plenty of times when you definitely.. don't want this to happen.

- The class is very unforgiving in momentum. If you indeed make one mistake in setup, say when applying Broke, Prime of Life, or applying your triggered abilities, you will effectively be performing underwhelming with very subpar spells and utility. Lots of your stronger effects are also at the mercy of mine placement/formations, which basically means all your hard work spanning multiple turns can be gone the moment monsters walk away from the spot.

- You'll often wish your Drheller was simply you. Seriously. Unlike you, the Drheller actually has a reason to pull up mines from underneath his feet, and can nicely place them wherever you want.

- Though I cannot confirm it, there seems to be a higher chance of putting Gold Mines underneath at least enemies with your Drheller when you dig them up there, adding even more aggrivation.


I bet I could find more, but the rundown is that somehow every single element on the new Enutrof is unwieldy to use. Somehow, whomever was in charge of designing this, must have thought that every single tactical process on the Enutrof needs to be handled with massive effort, no matter how small or insignifant the result.

When people asked for Mine Mover to be reverted to something direct and easy-to-use, we instead got a revamped abomination. Of course we wouldn't get our old Mine Mover back when the general mindset seems to be that absolutely nothing can be handled 'smooth and easy'.

All these limiting and debilitating factors stacked on top of each other lead to frustrating gameplay, and I think future work on the Enutrof revamp needs to be handled with a mindset from a Developer whom can agree that not everything on a class needs to be restricted in ways.

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At least Drhellzerker form explains most of the cast limitations... but I think they're unnecessary given how _weak_ most enutrof elemental spells are.

Otherwise... well said.

The old mine mover was maybe complex to describe but it was very intuitive to use. And Minedog still works that way. I'd rather have the old mine mover, with Movement as the unlocked spell.

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Hi, i've only come back a couple of days ago and started a new enutrof from scratch to mess around with the changes as I progress so I can learn some stuff as I go instead of sitting down and figuring it out at a high level.

So far i've been really enjoying the following drhellzerker build:

I'm really loving shady shovel with this build it feels like the bread and butter you steal MP and since you use MP to cast spells you get more spells going in the turn. 

The only thing I don't like so far is how building up treasures feels like a chore? It doesn't feel like something that happens naturally. I feel like I have to go out of my way to do it and it sucks up a lot of time during the turn if I wanna do damage/buff people/debuff enemies in the process.

If anyone can kinda nudge me in the right direction as far as passives go with this build or have any suggestions though i'd welcome the help. Enutrof is something I never touched in the years of playing this game, so i'm really trying to just play something fresh and new to me to get the gears moving. What i've been doing with this is i'll move a water mine to the enemy I wanna hit trigger the mine with Shovel of judgement and then spam shady shovel for nice damage. If there's no water mines nearby i'll change one with rascalry and then move it under the enemy.

I just wish that the resistance debuff lasted the entire turn instead of just the enutrofs it'd be great for helping the team get some extra damage in.

Thanks in advance for any advice ya'll can give to this old timer who's a little lost on the many changes done to the game.

Thank you for all the responses! I wanted to use tax but I was worried about not being able to consistently make enemies broke

It does do a ton of damage by itself though and I’m lacking a high damage water spell (cutting is nice but not always practical)

I will give these all a shot especially the treasures generation stuff and the Passives as I unlock slots
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It looks to me like you're doing the right stuff, build-wise.

Treasure generation just... IS a chore, especially for single target builds. You basically need your drheller repeatedly triggering mines for you.

In terms of passives and spells, I think you're in the right place for a water/earth build. When you have more AP, and more deck space maybe Tax and Trade Secrets can help a lot (although Cutting will hit harder than Tax on average..). Pretty soon you might actually have more new-Enu experience than I do.

(And I agree with 100% of your feedback regarding the effects)

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So I skimmed over the thread and came to the conclusion most people have found the update to be lacking. I always wanted my enu to be a fast ranged nuker who pulled bags off bosses sometimes. Any solid starting point for that? I just returned from 3 months at sea and would rather not class change to cra if there is any hope.

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better dont change to cra is not good like before, now are sadi and osa range dominant classes

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Recently picked up Enutrof after hearing about how horrible its revamp was. After 105 levels of content here's what I find particularly useless so far.

The first spells of each element tree.
In practice this seems like a great idea as its an easy way to generate more mines. What isn't so great about it is that it costs 2 ap and the loss of 2 ap's worth of damage to generate a mine that cannot even be placed directly under your target. If mine's could be generated under targets that have been hit, the utility would be greatly increased. If cast on an empty cell I believe it should refund 1 ap. After all our Drheller basically does a better job of uncovering mines and placing them correctly then we do... even after we have 3 actives dedicated to moving and finding mines as well as useless spells to generate them.

The mine mover active
I don't even know where to begin. Everything about this active is complete garbage. It is in dire need of a updated description as no one in their right mind can understand what it's saying and after playing with it for hours the mechanics are still pretty wonky. Also as several people have state the total cast time for moving mines take an extremely long time. I play an Eliotrope so I am used to managing the mechanics of my class in a timely manner but Enutrof just exacerbates this problem ten fold.

The "i forget the name of this passive" passive
It seems like the new "in" thing at Ankama is to give passives with slightly rewarding characteristics but then counterbalance them by giving a second line of completely useless garbage. +1 range... paired with Melee Mastery? 

Overall I actually found a lot of what people had to say on the Enutrof a little overstated. I think the new fire branch along with it's mechanics and passives absolutely wonderful and very rewarding to play. I find the earth branch to also be very rewarding although a little lackluster when compared to fire. The only tree I would say needs some attention is water. I find the new broke mechanic and the concept of pouching extremely difficult for no reason and aside from Tax and Refinement there's no worthwhile spells to put on your bar even as a water Enutrof.

Overall I think the main issues Ankama needs to address about Enutrof is simplifying some if their mechanics, maybe merging some of the redundant mine moving utility and speeding up mine related animations.

Disclaimer: I have only completed about half of the total levels of this game as this character so my opinions and problems faced may be different than those already at endgame

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shall we discuss some combo's or moves?
I know some of these might be pretty obvious but I'll share a few I like doing.

Everything with the extra damage buffs
With fire
-(mine mover + meteor)x2 + hot magma.
basically, move a mine next to target, change to red with meteor to also damage. Do this twice and use hot magma. by using at least 2 mines you'll get the 2WP back and +30%. (also extra damage with the mine explosion passive)
Wish we could use hot magma twice. first would turn all the mines into ruby then second for the mine consumption.

-I find there's usually 2 saphires near each other. Purge to create a saphire mine near 2 others. Prime of life for a easy +100 treasure.

- buff above then use refinement and lose treasure T_T.

-obvious one, set broke and 2x tax. I don't get why this spell has a limit of 3 when you don't get the bonus damage for the third shot. give us 4! zerk spam ftw.

Earth I don't quite dabble in but from looking.
-summon drheller > cast purge(or meteor) behind mob to teleport drheller behind > Shovel shaker! boom.

-zerk out > shady shovel twice. already a pretty strong spell but with the mp steal even more worth the cost.

I get that this enu feels pretty lacking and everything I've typed up there is pretty bad combos but how can we make the best of it right now tongue

Also, I hate this mine mover bs. just make it a two click thing. Click on mine, show the aoe for how far you can move said mine and click to confirm. The amount of times I try to bunch mines together to only move the one i don't want to move.


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Y'all keep bringing up Purge/Prime of Life/Refinement like it's a good combo...but let's break it down: We're talking 10ap and 3wp for 300 base damage. That's weak compared to many other class combos. In fact, using Prime of Life + Refinement (8ap 3wp) is almost always a weak combo, even when it's already set up with 3 sapphire mines in range. The only way I could see it being worthwhile is if you're catching 3mines of a different color as well, so you're doubling up on boosts. 

Otherwise, the Prime of Life mine effect is really useful only for boosting Treasures during short fights.

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Broke + tax x2 gives about the same amount of dmg and it costs no WP and you can trigger a blue mine while youre at it. So yea gotta agree that prime of life is a super situational spell which most likely is usefull for gaining a lot of res quickly with the drhellzerker passive, or for team pvp debuffs/buffs.

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#bring old enu back

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I feel ya, but I actually mostly like Siu's design here. I'd just like it to get a few touches to bring it up to par more.

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