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Can someone explain the new Enutroufs to me??

By SkeanDhu - MEMBER - October 24, 2017, 20:12:55

I frankly do not get them at all...

It used to be: get on top of a mine, smack enemies to increase pp, maybe get pouches for burst next turn, turn into dhrellerzerker, smack enemy (tax on 3x broke enemies as alternative).

But now....
Mine moving seems to be a highly complicated full time job. The stupid Dhreller teleporting all over the place is disrupting as heck. The "not dead yet"-passive gives RANGE plus MELEE damage (the fuck)?!?!
And i am not even gonna mention pouches here....

Could i simply try to ignore the whole mine-shenanigans? Only trigger enough to get Treasure to 100 and then smack enemies normally or would i loose to much potential damage that way?

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I don't understand what to do know. I understand the mechanics, but I don't see potential power in this. Maybe I have to wait till someone makes a great enu guide, but now, my Enu has to go to sleep for some time now until I understand it.

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Yea, totally agree, it is hard to survive in this patch era...

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You would lose potential damage because all spells have crappy dmg ratio unless you're activating mines, and even upon a full moon when you can muster all buffs and proper mines, you will still deal average damage compared to other classes.

R.I.P. enutrofs, I honestly have no idea what they had in mind with this revamp, but they officially killed the class.

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Guys probabily enu ST is not so good anymore... but i think ill try area and maybe it could gives me satisfaction...
I ll let u know and tell me if it could be nice... i have just one dubt... distance or ccsono or finally general mastery???

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Well... It is difficult to play around mines because of time runs out very quickly and the animation takes too long. It is also unintuitive too... so it is complicated to say the least.

I think you can play the first turn putting mines together and replenishing your wakfu. Then, the second turn you can maximize your damage, turn into a dhrellerzerker and use full potential of all your best spells. If I remember you can use Cutting - in zerker form - to put the Broke condition and then give some love with 2 Taxes to your enemies. Don't forget to rise you PP as well to cause massive damages with Refinement. With some passives you can deal some crazy amounts of damage for 3 turns. Then repeat.

I've tried the fire branch and depends overly on mines - as always. So I think single target (20) and then general mastery is a good way to go. You can also spend points - or even the passive to get close combat mastery -.

In overall I think this one has been a bad revamp. It is not a dynamic gameplay neither a easy way to master the enu's new skills. I feel the old enu's gameplay was more flexible than the new one. Even so you can deal huge amount of damage in a burst turn.

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