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Water/Earth Enu Help

By Pizzly - MEMBER - November 08, 2014, 00:44:39

Looking for some help with doing a Water/Earth Enutrof mainly what spells to take in the earth branch and what would be the preferred leveling order for specialties? And also what type of gear I should be on the look out for?

Any and all help is much appreciated Ty!

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look for single target gear, favor mp and range over ap. (its perfetly fine to be an 11/7 earth enu endgame) for earth you'll want to use the first 3 spells the most, but test out the 4th as well, you might like that.

for water rascalry is a must, if you are 11 ap you can go super dpt if you do refine+tax with water. since water has no aoe spells single target gear still works out. single target/distance is btter than single target/close combat as well. If you use range gear you'll usual;ly be hitting from well out of close combat anyway.

ofc to start you'll want to max zerker and probably get phone a friend cheap too. about 10-14 in geo, max mine mover, treasure tracker... really everything but mass clumsy and enutrophs blessing is useful.

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Yep good ideas, but I would pick rascally and purge at low levels i don't think tax really does any benefit until higher levels when you get higher aps, gear, etc.

Purge has more range than your other earth/rascally spells, doesn't need LOS, is cheap and fast to use and is very beneficial due to all those factors. If your not able to hit something with your earth shovels/rascally, you probably will be able to hit it with purge. At higher levels when you respec you can switch purge for tax to increase your damage a bit i guess.

Yea i also took the first 3 earth shovel spells, along with rascally and purge, and it works out very nice. A lot of times ill land on my silver or gold mine nearby, then realize im out of range of foes until i see that Purge will hit them, then blam-blam-blam-blam drop some purges on them from a distance.

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