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Earth and Water Enu Changes - Suggestion

By Niddhoggy - MEMBER - February 03, 2014, 00:15:19
Hello everybody,

There I am again and this time I promise I am going to give some interesting thoughts. I am an Enutrof lover, and so far, I have not seen any satisfying changes to this class. Some of you may say that it is fine; it is one of the strongest classes in game right now. That may be true if we only consider the current damage output of those grumpy treasure hunters (Fusion has the highest damage per AP in game).
However, damage output is not what makes a class good. What makes a class good is the overall characteristics of this class, for example gameplay, strategy, versatility and, of course, damage output.

So far, all I see in this class is damage output. All the three branches do amazing damage if you ask me (but still lose for the pvp gods), but they lack gameplay, they lack versatility. In addition, because of the Treasure Tracker skill, this class has a great and unexplored ability of becoming hybrid.

Firstly, I would like to give a feedback about each branch in order to show you guys what I think that may be wrong or unexplored.

The Water element of this class is one of the strongest water element builds we have in game, only losing for Maskeraider and their awkward ‘’coward’’ gameplay that relies on close combat damage (ehh, weird!)
Back to Enutrof, despite of its pouching ability, I see nothing else rather than glass cannon. The build isn’t versatile for an element known for its versatility (the water flows~), there’s no healing or supportive effect centered around the water spells and, moreover, there’s no important passive or active spell or even a decent state linked to this branch, all of them are too generic (I ignore God Enutrof’s blessing because it is useless). I would love to see the whole branch being revamped and pouching being restricted to close combat (just because it makes more sense). One of the ideas I have in mind for this branch is to make it a saboteur.

The Fire element, on the other hand, is the branch of which I am mostly proud. It has a good versatility and the awkward range of each spell has its uses in some specific situations.That is why I left it mostly untouched, I only nerfed Hot Magma because it currently is way too strong.

Now the last one. The Earth branch needs about the same level of modification as the water one. You may not agree with me because you love the nuke power of Drhellzerker. I, personally, don't like it too much. Yes, it is a nice way of doing damage, but I think it should be more special and situational, it should be changed in a way that shows the fury of an angry Enutrof in a good style and not all the time, and I am going to do it. I also think that it could have a synergy with the water branch.

So, let's get back to the point and I shall introduce my thoughts.

Holes: they can be created by the Drheller or under Drhellzerker mode. Those structures can reduce the movement points of enemies or allies that walk on them. The Enutrof is immune to that effect.
  • -1 MP (100%) when walking on it.
  • 2 Charges
  • Do not cost Control

Phone a Phriend (level 9)
Drheller is a spectacular ally that every Enutrof should have in battle, therefore I have improved some of its current abilities to fit with the changes I made to the class.

HP: 40% of Enutrof
Resistances: same as Enutrof
10 AP, 5 MP.

  • Furrow: creates a hole with 2 charges. 3 AP, 0 Range.
  • Claws: deals chromatic damage of 2|20|40 to an enemy. 4 AP.
  • Tunnel: ranged increased by 1.
  • Drhellers do not cost Control, 1 at a time.
  • Uneven Ground: range increased by 1.
  • Mine Finder: locates a mine, 1 to 4 range. 2 AP, 1 per turn.

Rock Den
This spell replaces Mass Clumsiness. It makes it possible for the Enutrof to go under the ground and receive less damage during this turn.

(level 9)
  • Cost: 3 AP 1 WP
  • Characteristics: 0 Range
  • Condition: must be standing on a Hole
  • Effect: enters in Rock Den +5.

Rock Den:

  • -40% Damage Received (final)
  • +2 MP
  • Lock Immunity
  • In the beginning of next turn: applies Tiredness +5.
  • Cannot cast spells


  • +40% Damage Received (final)
  • -2 MP
  • Cannot Dodge
  • Unable to cast Rock Den

God Enutrof's Blessing This spell is going to be very useful for the water branch as it increases the level of applied states.

  • +0(30) Prospecting (Enutrof)
  • +0(15) Prospecting (Allies). Cannot stack.
  • Increases the level of all states applied by water spells by 0(25)%
  • Water Spells reduce the close combat damage by 0(5)% per AP, MP and WP.

Treasure Tracker
  • +0(50)% of Prospecting as Damage Bonus (max 100%).

The game developers really lack creativity, we currently have 3 classes that can come back from the dead, that’s why I am completely changing Faking It spell. Saboteur is a hybrid oriented passive that makes it possible to reduce Hypermovement through the water spells.

  • +0(20)% chance to remove MP
  • Water Spells now cause Hypermovement loss: 0(4) levels per AP\MP
  • For every MP reduced: +0(20) levels of Fury Within (max level 100).
  • Fury Within: +2% Damage per level, +1 MP every 25 levels during the next time Drhellzerker is activated.

Drhellzerker (level 9)Holes synergy. Restriction to close combat.

  • All AP cost in Earth Spell converted into MP.
  • MP loss and Accelerator effects removed.
  • Earth Spells now create a Hole when aimed on an empty cell. Excavator creates a hole under the Enutrof, Shovel Shaker has a 2 cell area of effect, therefore it creates 2 holes if both don’t hit a target.
  • Range of Earth Spells changed to 1 (except Excavator, see below).
  • Base damage of Earth Spells increased by 10%
  • Excavator gains 6 Range. It can only be cast from 0 range or on a Hole in map. If cast on a hole, the Enutrof moves to the Hole and causes damage to all targets around it.
  • No longer gives damage per MP used.
  • Lasts for one turn.
  • Returns WP invested on Drheller.


Saboteur – Medium Damage

Frosty Embrace
Frosty Embrace causes water based damage to the target and because of the chilling effect, the target’s block is also reduced. It is the starter Enutrof Spell.
  • 3 AP
  • 1 to 3 Range
  • Deals (3) (40) (80) damage
  • +(1) (5) (10) levels of Chilled
  • Chilled: -1 Block per level. Max level: 60

Rascalry remains as the second Enutrof spell. It however loses its pouching ability; Rascalry now reduces the damage dealt by the target.
  • 2 AP, 1 MP
  • 2 to 4 Range
  • Deals (3) (35) (70) damage
  • 2 per target per turn
  • +(5) (25) (50) levels of Exhausted.
  • Exhausted: -1% damage per level. Max level: 100

The Enutrof hits the ground and a geyser appears under the target, soaking everyone in the area of effect and reducing their dodge and lock.
  • 5 AP
  • 2 to 4 Range
  • Deals (5) (60) (120) damage
  • +(5) (25) (50) levels of Soaked
  • Soaked: -1 Dodge and Lock per level. Max level: 100

Finally Poaching, the spell that enables every Enutrof to steal items from mobs. This spell, however, only steals an item under specific health condition: the target heath must be under 50%. This spell reduces the focus of the target, making it lose critical hits.

  • 2 AP, 1 WP
  • 1 Range
  • 2 Per turn, 1 per target
  • Deals (4) (42) (84)
  • Steals an item if HP under 50%. Applies Broke.
  • +(5) (10) (15) levels of Unfocused
  • Unfocused: -1% Critical Hit, -3% Critical Hit damage per level. Max level: 30

Slaughtering Shovel
This spell is the strongest water spell and it only does damage. No secondary effects applied. We have to preserve some of the power of water Enutrofs.
  • 6 AP, 1 MP
  • 2 to 3 Range
  • Deals (8) (91) (182) damage


Area of Effect- High Damage

Hot Magma

  • Damage reduced to (7) (97) (194)
  • Range changed to 2 to 2
  • Same damage caused when it hits a mine
  • Note: yes, the current version is quite strong.


MP removal – Good Damage - Zerk

It now becomes the starter spell of all earth enutrofs. It deals some damage and decreases the MP of the target.

  • 2 AP, 1 MP
  • 1 to 4 Range, 2 per target per turn
  • Deals (3) (32) (64) damage
  • -1 MP (100%)

Excavator The Enutrof deals damage to all enemies around him and subtracts their MP.
  • 3 AP, 1 MP
  • 0 Range, 2 per turn
  • -1 MP (100%)
  • Deals (4) (45) (90) damage

Shady Shovel

  • 4 AP
  • 1 to 2 Range
  • Steals 1 MP (100%)
  • Deals (4) (50) (100) damage
  • 1 per target per turn

Shovel Kiss
I changed it mainly to make it easier to use with a lower cost. Another good thing of having its cost lowered is that it should become a good support spell.

  • 2 AP, 1 WP
  • 2 to 3 Range, not linear, doesn’t require line of sight
  • Deals (4) (35) (70) damage
  • 1 per turn
  • +(1) (2) (2) levels of Accelerated (Enutrof)
  • +(1) (2) (2) levels of Accelerated (Allies)

Shovel Shaker
Damage increased, 3 Cells area of effect. MP loss increases if it hits a hole.

  • 5 AP
  • Deals (5) (55) (110) damage
  • -1 MP (100%)
  • If the spell hits a hole: -1 MP (100%)

That is it. I worked on it slowly and finally it is done smile please give a feedback without flamming that I destroyed the pouching and zerk obsession builds XD
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Niddhoggy|2014-02-03 00:15:19
Some of you may say that it is fine; it is one of the strongest classes in game right now.
However, damage output is not what makes a class good. What makes a class good is the overall characteristics of this class, for example gameplay, strategy, versatility and, of course, damage output.

So far, all I see in this class is damage output. All the three branches do amazing damage if you ask me (but still lose for the pvp gods), but they lack gameplay, they lack versatility. In addition, because of the Treasure Tracker skill, this class has a great and unexplored ability of becoming hybrid.

While you have some interesting ideas, I don't see the need to change this class to such a degree.

Enu has all the characteristics you've stated are necessary for a good class. Enu's have great style. I don't know many other classes like them. Old geezers that hoard wealth and can change into a monster at will.

Enutrof's is plenty versatile. They can transform back and forth using that time to travel great distances or unleash their fury. Gear options in Drhellzerker are an interesting aspect because things like MP are much more valuable. Two different uses for earth spells based on Enu or Zerker form. One stealing MP, the other reducing hypermovement.

Fire has great AoE's and one of them doesn't require LoS. The AoE's are further enhanced by mine placement. A very strategic element of the class. Those mines help build your PP and increase dmg output.

Water allows you to pouch monsters for more loot and destroy items placing the target into the 'broke' state. Mass Clumsiness has potential that no one uses atm but the possibility is there. You have a permenant pet with great HP and utility. It can add mines to the battlefield, swap places with allies, attack, pick up pouches. Enu's get more loot than any other class in game. A massive feature that should make up a large weight in class balance.

Now, compare all of these options with a Cra.
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I agree in some points with you Gynrei. The Fire branch, mainly, is the one I'd not like to see such changes, it's a very well made branch. However I don't see that on earth and water.

I'd change earth branch even more, but I did not do that to not completely destroy what has been there since they were released. I don't like how Ankama gave to Enutrofs that such great dropping advantage over other classes while leaving them as one of the highest damage dealers in game, it just doesn't make much sense at all. In Dofus, for example, they can be strong, but their abilities are mostly oriented to support and destabilizing, making it slightly fairer than Wakfu's.

The current strategies centered around the water branch are all around two spells: Rascalry and Tax. Refinement is good, but it doesn't add much when you have those 2 great spells and also, if you thinking about going hybrid with fire. Hot Magma > Refinement. Plus with all the hybrid gear around, Meteor > Purge.
I removed the pouching ability in order to improve the gameplay of the water branch, with my suggestion you can have a more strategic fighting style rather than just hurling lots of damage onto a target. I took care about the numbers, tried to not make it too overpowered, but I'd personally double the block loss and increase slightly the critical hit loss...

With Rascalry, for example, it should be possible to give to one target up to -100 to -120% damage (counting the close combat damage reduction from God Enutrof's Blessing) during a single turn around level 120, making players (in case of pvp) change their fighting style to ranged to avoid damage loss if possible.

I even thought about adding to Enutrofs an spell with an opposite effect to Belligerence. One that makes an enemy avoid attacking a specific target, but I think that would stay better with Sadis and their smelly spells XD

For the Earth Branch, it sounds like versatile, but in the end it's not. Every Enutrof under zerk form I see, and even myself when I used to be Earth, ended up staying in this form the whole fight. I only changed if MP drain was really needed. Back then, before the mine update, water earth had even some strategy since you could stack treasure hunter only with water spell, but after the change it made it less and less synergistic. Also, zerk form is almost always more favorable than earth, since the MP drain is not so efficient (you can take max 3 MP if lucky).

Wakfu is already getting old and I still find it not so strategic as it should be, for instance, take the endgame pvp which is in need of being changed again, fights don't last more than 2 turns! I know, 1 vs 1 will never be balanced, but the way it is right now just makes the game less and less strategy based and shows how classes are still badly developed.

Also, for some reason, I feel like they are going to revamp Enutrofs sometime during this year, with all the drop changes and nerfs.Yet both french and international Enutrof forums remain so silent, without arguing and opinions. I am afraid that we would get unwanted updates to this class if we don't spread our thoughts.

Thanks for the feedback smile
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That was a nice post. I agree, Sadi spells are the smelliest.

I think water could use some more utility. Dropping items is a massive advantage and i think it'd be hard to balance unless you removed it as suggested. However, doing that would cause such an uproar that i'd never do that. Which means the branch already provides a great bonus or utility. Maybe water spells could add marks to mobs that give the killer a PP bonus. That would make for some interesting fights between other players.

I play Water/Fire hybrid. I use magma, firedamp, rascalry and purge. I really enjoy it but i can already see myself dropping firedamp for meteor. I used to play a meteor centered build and wanted to try firedamp with its AoE and longer range. But frankly, i found it more awkward. Meteor, while short range, seems easier to use for almost the same dmg. Plus 2ap is easier to incorporate than 3 in my build. I would lose a good CC spell however.

Earth is extremely strong and i don't want to see it weaker. Should earth be weaker? probably.

In the end, i'd rather see small tweaks to classes. They were designed with certain mechanics in mind and changing these wholesale as the game evolves isn't fair to players. Add new abilities and spells but leave the old ones as they were intended, or just improved from time to time.
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I wish they would just remove Enutrof Blessing...and Cutting.
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