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Whats the most fun and/or strongest element?

By skilled-noob December 02, 2013, 00:01:22
Hey guys. I was just wondering what your opinion are on all three specs for enu's as I'm going to start leveling one. Also, which one is currently the most beneficial to play? I hear earth is strong but it's limited and you can't exactly hybridize with it.

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earth definitely has the most damage potential, and can be pretty fun. fire is fun too.
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I enjoy pouching and extra loot in general. If you are a crafter I would suggest water.

Waters can do high dmg against single targets. Especially if you have 10ap. Which allows the x2 Tax combo after the target is broke.

Fire, IMO, is the very high dmg dealer (especially for AOE/Smaller Maps) if played right. It does have awkward LOS which makes it challenging/fun.

Good earth builds take some skill to create and play. Which in itself could be fun. It has a combination of AOE and single monster destructive power. MP loss abilities. And you could pretty much position yourself anywhere on the map with the high MP.

Damage doesn't necessarily mean the "strongest". Each class if very different and dynamic.
Play around with each and find your answer.

The strongest Enu is the one you can play the best.

Also, hybrids are very popular.

I've seen a lot of the more senior players using earth as an alternative.

Drhellzerker utilizes MP. So the idea is utilize your primary attacks then burn the remaining MP with earth spells via Drhellzerker.

A nice way to get all the bang out of your buck ;D
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I made my Enu to get drops for our guild to help crafting. Water is by far the easiest to build and play, the damage is decent for its range and ease of use, however it was a bit of a snooze fest to be honest! With the added ability to drop pouches for an extra item roll water is great for getting those extra drops.

Fire, in my opinion is the major damage dealing element, its ranges are difficult to use providing challenge, If you find yourself in the right circumstance and get some nice crit hits fire damage can sky rocket, the only element I enjoy playing on the Enu.

Earth is the more balanced element in terms of learning curve, it's pretty easy to use without being quite as boring as water, the problem really seems to be finding sets that really benefit you early-mid game, some new sets have been released since I tried this element so that may no longer be the case, with slightly better range than fire when in your normal form, and a huge amount of MP when in Drhellzerker earth enus are certainly a force to be reckoned with.
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