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Noob Question : Did Drhellzerker form's MP have "Max" value?

By November 18, 2013, 14:15:38
Well I just try earth enu and I like Drhellzerker form alot but someone told that even I get like AP=8 and MP =7 when change to Drhellzerker it will get only MP 14 not 15? Is it true or false info? (try to search for info but seem like no people talk about it so I create this thread)
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Not sure that there's a cap, but becoming a zerker costs something doesn't it? Depends on if you leveled the ability but I think the discrepancy is in the cost to change.
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Its simply ap + mp = total MP for earth enus. I run a 9 ap 6 mp build giving me a total of 15. Similarly, when drhellzerker and phone a friend is maxed, the change costs nothing.
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I don't think there is a cap. Beyond 12 AP and 7 MP outside of battle, you could get it into the 20's with buffs.
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Thank you all for useful info and reply biggrin Hope you all have good fortune come to you today and so on!

Btw about Earth Build I saw earth equipment (not all yet though) have high resistance and block then should I max block stat and dump all point to health and strenth for earth enu? in order to survive boss fight (for stack pp and get the bag drop) or something like that


Just go for damage build ? (max critical (bag drop easier) then str then 1 ap and 1 mp?)
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only water skills will cause a bag to drop.

rascalry and cutting are the only attacks capable of making a monster drop a pouch.
Zerkers only convert earth spells to mp use. I don't think you want block, because 2 mp and one ap give you three more mp in zerker mode stating a range, and wearing a range helmet will also negate the -2 range penalty from turning into a zerker.
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There is no limit to MPs in zerker form as far as I can tell.

I roll a 11/7 build so I get 18 MPs when in zerker mode (provided that my zerker spell is maxed and costs 0 aps).
Then I can use prime of life for a 20 MPs turn and if my xelor alt buffs me with all 5 APs it can give me, I do reach 25 MPs in a turn and if Not Dead Yet procs all 3 times, that is effectively a 28 MPs turn (which is insane).

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