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New, help me out with pouches

By apoxyeah October 14, 2013, 16:14:21
Hi I started the game about 2 days ago, I did try the trial and decided to sub after that. Well I picked this class because it seemed to match me a bit more, and also a good water guide was available. Either way I am having a rough time getting the hang of being able to get the pouches picked up, there are times where I fight like 4-5 piwis and getting to the pouch seems impossible. There could be a chance since i am new, that I am doing it wrong, but even when I bring out the summon mob (forgot its name) well he dies like in 1 hit. Also many times the mobs have me locked in and can't move,

Right now I feel a bit frustrated with the class just that I find myself taking a lot of more actions/turns just to get the bag. Anyone have any tips? right now the little guy summon like i said gets targeted quickly and dies so fast, then the other 3-4 mobs reach me and lock me down. Any help is appreciated.
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You already looked at a guide so I won't bother with that. Here are some pointers.

  • Fight in groups.
  • Use Rascalry to attack at range.
  • Level Cutting and Rascalry to improve your chances of dropping a pouch.
  • Level Phone a Frhend so that your Dhreller has more HP and more movement points.
  • Level mine mover so you can pick up mines when your Dhreller cannot get to them.
  • Level Prime of Life to get a chance for a guaranteed dodge.
  • Level Not Dead Yet for added Dodge and added MP.
  • Stat Dodge points and/or invest in some gear that gives Dodge.
  • Nowhere is it written that you must pick up a pouch.
Depending on your build, you might not want to use some of these ideas.
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