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Kama Set/Imperial Drheller replacement post-100?

By TommyTrouble - MEMBER - October 09, 2013, 17:42:52
Hello, my Enutrof has passed lv 100 a bit ago, and I'm wondering what a good set/combo would be for her.

I'd like to keep the mp/range/dodge/PP roughly equivalent, however I'm willing to sacrifice some of this for a generally better, upgraded equipment spread on her.

Looking for equips up to perhaps lv 120 for advice now, as I can always stat Kit Skill to equip it if I need to.

My thanks for any ideas, especially after these changes we just had with sets.
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Vamp is really nice for enus. Offers better significantly better resists than kama/drheller and a bit of pp too. Also check out sand set. And half royal jelly items offer pp too. If you rely on ap from drheller set then you'd have to either upgrade to full vamp or find a good ap cloak, maybe great ice cape.
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A lot of stuff gives pp: crown, exi's shovel, klime boots, doziak pieces, jelt, merchand ring, etc. You don't need a *set*, just take an ap necklace, ap cape and you can use whatever.
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To optimize damage and PP on an enu - I aim for 160 PP builds. With one fear fizz (easily obtainable) you get 200. Attacking on mine brings you up to 300.

Fire Enu and Earth Enu

Moowolf Set
Facetious Shovel
Makabraspecting Ring ->Merch Ring
Doziak BP
Doziak Eps
Royal Gumboots
Kama Belt -> Jelt

Water Enus -

Black Crow
Black Widow Amulet -> Excarnus -> Mechamulet (lvl 125)
Doziak BP
Rocky Fist -> Necroforge -> Makabrespecting (if other is merch)
Makabraspecting Ring ->Merch Ring
Exi Shovel
Bastille Helment
Quack Quack

Its not much - but its a start!
Score : 19275
Yeah, I use the term "set" quite loosely here.

Basically need 2MP 1 Range and an AP, as well as some Dodge and PP.

AP cloaks are out of the picture, as well as UB equips and MP breastplates. I need stuff that's actually obtainable.

I use a Maka Wand (ap,range) so eventually I can equip a Burrower Shield at some point (god hurry up and proc, u damned Mimik!)

Got full Doziak, Blazy, and an Excarnus ammy.

I tend to go tri elemental, or I guess I can pull back to Water/Fire if I need to, but with the Treasure Tracker, it's been pretty useful to be able to hit in 3 elements. Dunno what would be best at this point. I have to admit, I'd like more levels in my Pouching spells, at the very least.
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vamp and gobbsage for water damage and dodge

but i dont wear for dodge because i maxed out my ability that frees you up, forget the name, it is usually sufficient

anyway an ap cape, easiest to acquire is probably apprentice. an mp breastplate again apprentice is easiest at 100, and exis shovel, for range mp and pp, right? theres your 2mp 1ap 1range then where whatever else you want.

klimes boots are pretty nice too and easy to make, for another mp, and pp.

kraken, beach hat, raspberry bubble, or apprentice helm, etc for range. if you are fire a perfect titanic crown. idk man, play with set builder
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