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Help me with my earth enu!

By Nelxon - MEMBER - September 30, 2013, 02:27:15
Hello I'm a lvl 53 water enu, but I want to change to earth.

There are some things that I'm looking for u guys to help me smile

1- How to stat and build my earth enu to do max dmg and get drops?

2- How to lvl skills to do max damage and get drops? xD

3- How to gear an earth enu?

Hope that u can guys can help me smile 
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If yer bored just go water/fire ;p
If yer rly bored go tri enu, it is fun as well.

Earth Branch is a tad stand alone. It's main point is drhellerzerker, wich bans all skills but earth ones. Ergo, you cannot pouch while in weredrheller state.

Closest you can get is like dual earth/water, but well, not much good pp stuff on earth items. I'd say wait a week, for item revamp, it will be meaning of re-adjusting "Ultimate"/"End-game" sets.
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something I've done with my Zerker girl right now
- mostly I'll just pouch stuff+pick it up then go zerker and boost Treasure Tracker by earth spell
- you will need mix up between earth damage and pp,if can't...then go "All damage" stuff with pp (cough vamp set cough)
- I did something stupid in last restat so just ignore my earth spell lvl xD
** was lvling water+fire spell just for better resist.Because enu always have problem with it :p

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about gear (dd+pp):

imperial dhreler set + kama set

but items revamp is coming so....
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