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Any reason to level Phone a Friend as Earth?

By DemonSin - MEMBER - August 09, 2013, 10:13:48
Back in beta (the last time I played an Enu) the PaF was leveled to reduce cost as far as recall as well as make you look more epic. So with PaF having the same cost across the board is there any point to leveling it other than cosmetic (And maybe a 1-2 range in case you get surrounded and need to fuse at an angle)?
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I guess the Drheller's utilities...
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I haven't even looked at those because I assumed the Earth Build was pure Dhrellzerker form still. Has this changed?
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The type of drheller that you fuse with (Young, Immature, Adult, Mature, Ancestral) affects how much bonus damage you get with movement. happy

A young drheller gives you +5% damage per tile moved for the rest of the turn.

Immature gives +10% damage per tile.

Adult gives +15% damage per tile.

Mature gives +25% damage per tile.

Ancestral gives +35% damage per tile (up to +150%).

So if you leave Phone a Frhend at level 0, you won't get very much bonus damage when you move around.
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Ah yeah, that's what it was. I don't know why I thought that was from the Drhellzerker spell...
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