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Are Enus Better Crafters?

By TheMightyShell August 01, 2013, 22:26:37
So from my understanding of how Prospecting works and given that Enutrofs can deal more damage with pp sets and will inherently have 130pp over any other class does this make them the best crafters?

Since they are so good at collecting items I'd assume they're also better at collecting materials from battles as well, so I am wondering if it is better to grind for mats as an Enu fully decked out in prospecting gear or something that does PVE very well like a Cra fully decked out in prospecting gear.

I ask because I'm deciding on what character I want to do next and I'd like to get into crafting/gathering etc. to try and earn some money for myself. Just wondering if an Enutrof would be the way to go because of their ability to drop items (albeit I find their playstyle in battles to be the most boring from what I can see so far.
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firts of all you shouldnt pick a char that you find booring xD

but yes enus drop more materials than other players
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I can live with the boring battles as long as the loot drops make it worth it! And if I ever get bored from the tediousness of battle(rascalry+tax rascalry+tax blah blah) I can always switch to a more enjoyable class. I'm just hoping that the benefits of Enus drops make them worth investing in as a crafter/loot+mat dropper. Whether solo or group based. smile 
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One word, pouches biggrin

A good example is if you are solo farming Celestial Gob for Cloudy Cotton. With an Enutrof, you have an excellent chance at dropping two cotton in a single run. With other classes, at most you'll only get one.
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