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[Suggestion to Revamp Enutrofs]

By Niddhoggy - MEMBER - June 03, 2013, 21:37:35
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Score : 6098
I like your idea Kikui! I made some modifications to the earth spells based in your thoughts, I didn't add the lead legs as I think it's way too much for Enutrofs right now. The earth branch is already extremely strong right now (sometimes I think they deserve some kind of nerf, but I don't know). These modifications would make the spells more specialized than just damage spells.

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Would be cool if the Pillar would actually create an pillar, knock the target from the cell where it appeared and block the cell and los (like Blockade made from earth Foggernaut's spells) but with the ability to walk/jump on it (just like Cat Tree). Those standing on pillar could gain +1 range (reminds me of Krosmaster Arena) and could be stabilized. Conditions: require target to be cast (so that we won't spam pillars all over the place at will). Or maybe it should be possible to create such pillar when we hit mine (the mine then got destroyed)?

And i still think that Drhellzerker should have 1 spell that steal MP.

I feel that reducing Hypermovement on Drhellzerker form when Drhellzerker doesn't have -MP spells itself is pointless unless you have someone else in team that reduce MP (earth sadida, or other earth enutrof... in normal form). If there is spell that reduce hypermovement in drhellzerker form then there should be also one in normal form.

That or make summoning Drheller not cost WP so that we can transform back and forth at will, with just some AP cost when we do so. Also i think that while in Drhellzerker form we should turn back to human form by summoning drheller. This way we will turn to our pre-evolution mode: enutrof +drheller as seperate being. I just feel its weird that drheller suddenly vanish when fusion breaks.
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You can transform to a Drhellzerker up to 6 times in a fight. That's quite a while to take advantage of your Enutrof form MP drains.
Score : 6098
For the Fire branch:

Mine Mover
Keeps the Mine bonus when used (cannot stack).

Mine effects are changed:
+0(2) Range to Water Spells
+10(40)% Damage to Fire spells
+10(40)% MP removal
+1(5) Levels of Treasure Hunter if any spell is cast from a mine.

I'm going to edit the main post and replace it by the latest updates.
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lift the destroy the item (heck why i go enu in the first place?)
lift the WP cost.

or at least on of the above.

ilft the 2 per target limit. The MP cost is hard enough for enus.

Fire line needs a buff too
range more viable, and buff dmg if mine in aoe, multiply if more than one mine in aoe

Meteor needs linear los

Buff Mines too, they need to add wisdom bonus too. And make mines add linear not % bonus. In e.g. Gold mine +80 fire +60 cha +60 earth +30 wisdom. Or linear untill lvl 100 and % after.

Concept art: focus more on shovel, diggin etc.
Score : 6098
Ahh by the way, I've made a post all about a water enu Revamp Suggestion. I'll post the pictures here smile

The main feedback was that this revamp would not fit with an Enutrof gameplay. I have to agree that they'd lose some of the characteristics that make them Treasure Hunters, but I still believe that such a gameplay could still be added to Enutrofs since the current water branch lacks strategy. That's just a thought though, a few things could be changed from my revamp idea in order to bring a more ''treasure hunter'' gameplay to the class.


I don't think mines need a wisdom bonus, that'd be too much. No class has a wisdom advantage over the others, and that would be completely unfair if Enus had it. The current mine bonuses seems ok smile 
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xbubuzzx|2013-08-12 10:24:23
lift the destroy the item (heck why i go enu in the first place?)
lift the WP cost.

or at least on of the above.

ilft the 2 per target limit. The MP cost is hard enough for enus.

Fire line needs a buff too
range more viable, and buff dmg if mine in aoe, multiply if more than one mine in aoe

Meteor needs linear los

Buff Mines too, they need to add wisdom bonus too. And make mines add linear not % bonus. In e.g. Gold mine +80 fire +60 cha +60 earth +30 wisdom. Or linear untill lvl 100 and % after.

Concept art: focus more on shovel, diggin etc.
Refinement only breaks the item you could have pouched, you can still get it at the end of the battle

i really DOUBT we are getting another revamp this soon, not after they finish the ones lagging behind... and feca is in 2014 so @[email protected]
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No the hell Meteor doesn't need Line of Sight and Linear.. you crazy?

Concept: Shovels, coins.. and mines

Fire is fine as is.

Rascalry, lift the limit? MP too hard for Enus? Does this guy have an Enu?

The only spell I don't like that Enus have are, Killer Spade(... it's so boring) and the damage on some of the non-zerker earth spells
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Looks pretty good, I like the idea of Ice Drill.
Been wanting an AoE water spell since Dofus tongue 
Score : 6098
Hello everyone. I was thinking about changing the main topic's suggestion, I'll start by adding one idea to revamp the water branch, let me know your opinion so I can work on the other branches aswell.

I've bee playing as an Enutrof since the beta days and I haven't seen many satisfying changes since then. Enutrofs are a class composed by old people that seek treasures and kamas, their current gameplay doesn't fit with that classification. Their damage output is way too high for a class with those characteristics.
The current class is no more than a glass cannon, all three branches. Just take a look at their damage per AP, most spells have considerable higher damage per AP ratio than all other classes. Take a look at the Drhellzerker, it deals so much damage. It doesn't fit at all with the old treasure hunter style.

Taking a deep look into the class and coming back to the Dofus days, Enutrofs are supposed to have a pure sabotaging role. The game lacks a class with that characteristic and Enutrofs are the best volunteers for that, plus they really need a revamp, since their current gameplay is really not the best of all classes and it's currently pretty much flawed.

Now, before you go on ( I know you might be a little mad at me already), you should be cautious, if you meet any of the following characteristics I do not advise you to read my suggestion. This is an idea to completely modify the class and turn it what it was supposed to be since the beginning.

  • If your Enutrof is just an alt and doesn't care about anything else but dropping things for your main.
  • If you are a PvP addict and stays all day long in 5th showing off your skyrocketed damage in Drhellzerker form.
  • If you just care about drops and items farming and forgets about what happens to your teammates.

I'd like to start the suggestion by announcing the complete removal of the Broke state. Enutrofs are not able to make things drop anymore, they can steal an item in battle, but that's very restricted and not so easy as it is now.
Another thing I'd like to announce is that from now and on you should forget all Enutrofs have, they'll lose great part of their damage output and gain an complete new gameplay.

The three branches are separated into 3 sabotaging roles:

  • Water: this role will cover all sort of penalties that can be applied to an enemy, it's also the treasure hunter branch. The spells will be based in 2 states: Prosperity and Poverty, and with Prosperity Enutrofs are able to inflict several types of states, Poverty will make them angry and unleash an unknown fury. Middle-Long range.
  • Fire: this will be the HP manipulation branch, it's effects goes from burning, explosion, scalded to incurable health effects and healing poison. Middle range & Area of Effect.
  • Earth: this branch will be the master of movement points removal. With the Clumsy State, Enutrof's are able to slow down the movement of several enemies in a fight and in some cases they can even make enemies unable to move.

The Water Branch

Like I said, the branch will be all oriented around a state named Prosperity. Losing Prosperity will make the Enutrof angry, increasing his damage, but boosting it will enhance the effectiveness of all states applied by this branch. It's a double edge knife, whether your damage increases or it decreases in the sake of bothering the enemy.
On the other hand, whenever the Enutrof loses prosperity he gains levels of Poverty.

The Enutrof starts a fight with 50 levels of Poverty and 50 levels of Prosperity. Water attacks will drop pouches that do not contain items, but increase prosperity. Pouches increase the prosperity and reduce the poverty of the Enutrof when collected by the Enutrof or by the Drheller. Enemies can drop multiple pouches.

Prosperity: it has 100 levels, when the state is consumed the Enutrof gains levels of Poverty.

Poverty: this is the opposite state of Prosperity and it has 100 levels. Jewels will reduce the Poverty of the Enutrof.

The difference between Prosperity and Poverty will increase or decrease the damage of the Enutrof following the logic that the more items the Enutrof carries, more difficult is to inflict damage but easier is to throw things, bribe and blind an enemy!

Prosperity > Poverty: loses 1% damage per difference, gains 1 prospecting per difference
Poverty > Prosperity: gains 1% damage per difference, loses 1 prospecting per difference

For example, if the Enutrof has 65 levels of Prosperity and 35 levels of poverty, the difference of levels is 30, therefore the Enutrof gains -30% damage.

Charity is the state that triggers prosperity. It can be applied by one active spell that will replace Mass Clumsiness.

Charity: increases the critical hits of the Enutrofs and apply the Charity State.
At Max level:
1 AP, 1 MP, +10% Critical Hits, Applies Charity.
Condition: Prosperity > Poverty

Treasure Hunter: this spell now adds prospecting to all allies present in the fight (cannot stack). Damage bonus reduced.
+30 Prospecting (Enutrof and Allies)
+0(40)% of Prospecting as Damage

Pouches: they give Prosperity, +10 Levels.

Cutting: 3 AP, 1 to 2 range, fixed. Linear.
The spell is not removed from the game and remains with the same damage. It's a close combat spell that drops pouches when cast on an enemy.
  • -3|42|79 HP
  • Drops a Pouch (80%)
  • If under Charity: -1 AP (110%), consumes 10 Prosperity

Rascalry: 3 AP, 2 to 5 Range.
The Enutrofs throws a snowball that can disorient enemies if used under charity state.
  • -2|-33|-65 HP
  • Drops a Pouch (50%)
  • If under Charity: Disoriented +1, consumes 10 Prosperity

Purge: 2 AP, 2 to 4 Range.
This spell can purge a random effect of the target if the Enutrof is under Charity.
  • -2|-24|-48 HP
  • Drops a Pouch (40%)
  • If under Charity: removes 1 random effect, consumes 10 Prosperity
  • Doesn't damage allies.

Treasure Bait: 5 AP, 2 to 4 Range
The Enutrof throws a bag full of items on the ground if he's under charity, making any enemy who enters in it's area of effect run straight toward the bag to collect it. The bags thrown will last until someone grabs it. The items present in the bag will explode when collected, doing damage.
Under normal mode, this spell will potentially drop a pouch from a distance and deal medium damage.

  • -5|-65|-130 HP
  • Drops a Pouch (80%)
  • If under Charity: can only target the ground, throws a bag full of items. Area of Effect: Circle of radius 3, consumes 25 levels of Prosperity

Upon entering the area of effect, the enemy will lose control of it's movement and run straight to the bag (no MP is consumed). When collecting the bag, it'll explode and deal 5|65|130 water damage.The bag can be thrown close to an enemy to make it walk in the beginning of it's turn.

Bribery: 6 AP, 1 WP, 2 to 4 Range.
The Enutrof will throw a big bag full of items right in the face of an enemy if he happens to be under the Charity State. This spell can make the enemy skip a turn. It greatly consumes prosperity.
  • -8|-93|-183 HP
  • If under Charity: skips turn, consumes 50 Prosperity.

Note that it is only possible to trigger charity effects if Prosperity is higher than Poverty.

That's it from now, please give you feedback ^^

Edit: if the Enutrof has level 100 Prosperity and level 0 Poverty, he loses 100% Damage bonus but gains 50% Damage from Treasure Hunter (100 prospecting). Which results in just -50% Damage.
Now under level 100 Poverty and 0 Prosperity, he has 100% Damage bonus.
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