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Fine work.

By Sljm - MEMBER - February 26, 2013, 16:11:09

Apparently the point of this Earth Enutrof revamp was to make them worse than Fire Enutrofs.

Congratulations, Ankama! biggrin

Some notes:
10 base damage and 2 AoE reduction in Shovel Shaker
Shady Shovel no longer steals MP in drhellzerker
-2 range on all spells in Drhellzerker, making all but Nightspade cc (it's got 2 range. whooppee).
Shorter range on Nightspade generally, damage is lower than Killer Spade in human form.
No hp restoration from transforming
Damage boost from walking greatly reduced, only applies to first attack still.
Gold Mines give 30% less damage to earth and water Enus.
Mine Mover doesn't upgrade all mines to Gold at level 9 like it should.

Overall, my final damage output was reduced by 20%, from 331 per Shovel Shaker to 264, with a range reduction of 50% to boot.

And the goal of this update was to make Earth Enutrofs "real monsters" in cc?

What a joke.

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Sad but effing true.

I was following your imps guide and having a lot of fun with my Zerker enu....

Switched to fire with the restat! It was the -2 range as much as anything....

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Well they ruined drhellzerker for sure. horrible range. shovel shaker's range is a joke. and the hypermove is a joke. guess i'll be playing a different class now. Also i think their real roadplan for this year is to destroy the game. just a thought.

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Sljm|2013-02-26 16:11:09

Mine Mover doesn't upgrade all mines to Gold at level 9 like it should.

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It will change, Ankama never ends a work, is always having to undo all and re-do.

In the beta the game was more enjoyable... not only for the LOT of players playing... but the skills... i miss it so much:

Air Ecaflip (water is screwed)
Sadida's Totem and heals
Enutrofs working good
Good Air Sacriers
Nice Xelors


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