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IOP Elements Question

By Lytec#1712 February 21, 2012, 08:24:21

What some pros and cons for Fire, Earth, and Air spells for iops? I'm only an Air iop so some information on other elements would be great to know about. I know Air iops can do quite some damage for single targets.

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After playing with all skills in all elements maxed at level 100 I can say that each tree has fantastic utility. Unfortunately in order to maximize your versatility you'll be spending a LONG time grinding skill xp. I'd say off the bat that fire will be your best PVE/PVP tree, due to Wrath and Super Iop Punch. Air's a given due to gust being "free". I'd recommend that you build out from fire, since all its skills are useful and do high damage. I'd say overall earth is least useful of all except that leveling earth skills will increase your earth resistance, which is the element most monsters use, along with some of your most dangerous pvp opponents.

Fire really has no cons, except perhaps that some enemies will have decent fire resistance. Punch is an amazing combo of dps and an extra 2 mp toward an enemy (or just 2 mp in any direction if you don't have anything else to spend your ap on). Wrath can be used up to 6 times a battle, which is more than enough to kill anything. Thunderbolt and Celestial provide an excellent combo of AOE, extra status damage and high dps overall. The least useful skill in the fire tree would be Judgement, but it can be nice if an enemy is 1 square out of Punch range and you've no mp left/no ranged weapon.

Air is a great single-target damage tree that sports a bit less damage than Fire especially when considering "Preparation" or any other single-attack damage buff, but the fact that it can proc Authority to 100% bonus damage quicker than any other tree in the Iop's arsenal is something to consider. Also, many of the most dangerous-to-you classes will not be using air as their main tree, meaning they'll have less resistance in that element. Air will also allow you to move enemies if you ever need to via intimidation. Slamming them into a wall is always nice for some bonus damage, too.

My main uses for earth were always with the skill Impact. It's so cheap and extremely useful if you want to go across the map on your first turn and still attack while out of range with all your other skills. Also nice if you want to kill a weak mob at the end of your turn but you don't have enough mp or ap to get to that mob. Rocknoceros has its uses too at (albeit rare) times. I don't really recommend putting much effort into the tree though. The status procs are too low to make it worthwhile compared to fire and air.

Skill points should definitely be spent on Authority, Compulsion, Jump, Expert Locker, and finally on Virility, you can also feel free to throw 1 point into showoff.

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