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Earth/Air Iop needing answers and a guild

By Booshk February 17, 2012, 11:15:16

So I'm new and I just got to level 26 with my Iop, right now I'm in full gob set and have been using Shaker/Flurry/Gusting/Jabs/Uppercut and I kinda suck cuz I put full Bravery Standard
I have no idea what the higher levels are like and I'm hoping the following will be viable after the Great Wipe:

Maxing authority first
Flurry/Jabs/Gusting/Uppercut/Shaker while I'm stuck in the Gob set
If this is usiing too many skills i could always Flurry 3 times and skip jabs

Planning on going earth with 8ap will authority still be good? I will still have gusting/uppercut to try to proc authority before the 2x shaker.

And that brings me to what should I level next, show off maybe?

Will this make me useless in PvP should I level something besides show off?
Thanks in advance for any help suggestions

In a related note: no lifer seeks active closed beta guild that plans to make a fast start when the game releases I'm already a 1 year subscriber in game name Booshkee.

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Max Compulsion first (passive +40% damage) then Authority. When you upgrade your Gobbal set and lose the 1 AP, you're going to want to do Uppercut -> Jabs -> Gust -> Shaker. Don't forget if you randomly have 1 AP left over or you can't get to a monster, you can Flurry an empty cell to gain the +10% air damage buff for your next turn.

Edit: Also, at level 26, you shouldn't be wearing Gobbal anymore. Hunt Bellaphones for their gear.

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Shaker - Jab - Gust - Uppercut is better because of more fluid animation.

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I'd say max authority first,seeing as how the patch made 100 percent power last for as long as it activates.I'm going authority max,compulsion max,jump to 4,and vitality max.In that order.

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Max Authority, then Compulsion, then Expert Locker, then Virility, then Defensive stance.

Authority is easily held all battle.

Compulsion gives you good boost to base damage.

Expert Locker may give less lock but you need far less now to lock a target that doesn't stack dodge. Also the buff you get from lock STACKS with Authority. So 100% becomes 150% for the first hit.

Virility because at 60 it'll give you a noticeable increase to HP.

Defensive stance to truly screw over your locked target. At high levels you should be able to throw it into your mix with AP items being available.

I'd also recommend that you pump 100 points at least into HP early on. Stacking damage is nice but with Authority you'll find yourself out racing mobs to the death and having 2-5 extra hits helps a lot. Not to mention It will eventually scale with virility, and you WILL need some into hp if you're going to survive in pvp.

The rest into your main damage element.

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Thanks for the advice I got my second iop to level 26 before the wipe, authority makes him hit harder than my lvl 37 bravery standard iop, embarrasing lol, I think the new iop could outdamage my old iop at like , lvl 20, so thanks guys for the advice.

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