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Is it possible to max every elemental spell you have access to?

By Adoryc February 11, 2011, 08:17:35

As a Iop, I am primarily Earth at the moment, with uppercut finisher. 
Are we limited to a finite number of spell points?
I would like to use the fire spell tree as well, to try out different spells, also I see it would be benifical, to have the ability to switch spells out on the fly, instead of being locked into just a few spells, during your entire leveling progression.
Im sure it  would take quite abit of time to level every spell, I just want to know if thats possible, if there is a max amount of points allowed, you could gimp your character if you choose too many different spells.
I know Support spells  can only be bought with our 5 point pool we recieve at each level up.
Thank you for any info.

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Yes, it's possible to max every elemental spell.

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It's just prohibitively challenging smile

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