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How am I doing so far?

By February 07, 2011, 00:22:45

Hi guys, I've never played Dofus before and so this game is entirely new for me. I'm loving it so far, and am just wanting to know how I'm doing leveling my skills in relation to my character level. Even though I'm posting in the Iop's forum, I'll still clarify that I am indeed an Iop's Heart.

I'm currently level 17 and I find myself focusing on Air abilities and only one Earth. Here are the levels of the abilities I use:
Impact: 18
Flurry: 14
Intimidation: 11
Evisceration: 12
Uppercut: 14

I've heard from people that limiting yourself to only three abilities will help level your abilities faster. Are my abilities decent levels considering I'm level 17? If they're a little low, then should I consider ditching some of them and just leveling three or four instead of all five?

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Really good o.0

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