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Iop Characteristics

By February 04, 2011, 03:33:28

Just started the game, but I am not sure what characteristics to lvl, any advise is appreciated. Also it seems that I dont really need to plan a build because I can lvl up all my skills by using them, unlike Dofus. Am I right to assume that?

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It's true that your elemental spells (your attack spells) level as you use them, but it's still good to plan a build, as you don't want to invest a lot of time in a spell that you won't actually end up using that often. It's usually best to pick about 3 spells that fit well into your build, and focus on those.

As for support spells, those are purchased with the skill points that you gain at each level. My advice is to check out Virility early on, as bonus HP make a big difference early in the game (less so at high levels, when 140 HP isn't that big of a deal). Getting Jump level 1 is nice because it allows you to travel diagonally, and mobility is important for melee classes. Otherwise, it really depends on your style of play. Are you offensive, or defensive? Do your elemental spells consume WP, or can you afford to save your WP for Amplification? There are a lot of things to think about. ^__^

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I want to be able to tank and hit hard. Any recomendations for me?

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Hey Ive been lvling up and this is what im trying out two points strait to verility for hp bonus. Then points into expert locker and compulsion.  Lock is actually important for keeping the enemys with lots of mp from getting out of corners when using knock back spells. Jump is another good spell. Try out these or some other combinations and post how there working out for you.

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Basic Breakdown of Iop Elements:

Fire= Medium Damage, medium hits + States like Immolation and Blindness
Earth = High Damage, few hits + Stuns
Air = Low Damage, many hits + Push Back

If you want to be hard hitting go with Earth.

As for support skills I'd go with Bravery Banner for extra damage, it also helps allies. At lvl 4 it gives +50% damage
Expert Locker for keeping enemies in place so you can beat the **** out of em.
Defensive Posture might be useful for taking hits... 50% chance to counter [nullify] contact attacks.

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MasterOfDespair|2011-02-04 20:47:42
I want to be able to tank and hit hard. Any recomendations for me?
Here’s an idea I’ve been playing around with regarding that role.


Virility 3/4

Defense Posture 3/4

Jump 1/4 (going any higher with this is helpful but not "saved your life” necessary,
save for damage amplification)

Dodge Lock 3/4 (Really, this is up to what value you place on Locking, you can manage
without it although I can imagine where it would be useful)

Compulsion 3/4

Amplification 3/4

Max them out as you see fit, I would recommend starting with passive skills like, Defense
Posture/Compulsion, first. What you do with the rest of your points is


Stick with Earth for as long as you feel comfortable, Impact, Charge, and Earthquake
are especially helpful, don’t dwell on them however, I’m already starting to
see the down sides of going pure in this game. Try to go Earth/Fire when things
start getting too ridiculous and you should be fine, what you do with your
characteristic points in the first dozen or so levels makes a BIG difference on
how much punishment/damage you’re going to be able to take and dish out, hope
this helps.

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