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Bravery Standard.

By Elzzup - MEMBER - September 22, 2012, 02:15:32

Hi I really love using bravery standard I love everything about it, I just wish it effected the Iops next turn so It gave an Iop more incentive to level it to help himself and allies. Because doing damage is more beneficial it often makes using bravery standard pointless. If you could cast a hit then bravery standard to buff your allies damage and then yours on your next turn I think bravery standard would be far more useful as a support spell. I feel like this would make an Iop far more Useful in team fights/boss fights. Especially for say an air Iop who has minimal AoE/Utility.

Thankyou for your time, Beloved Iop user.

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Heya, my main is a Iop and I also love Battle Standard but it is a move in which improves your allies morale (hence the increase damage to allies) Iop's tend to be the brave leaders of the battlefield and so when they set thier battle standard they took a stand as a proud leader, not flinching when damaged and more resistant, Battle Standard can be used at times when you can't do anything, so instead of passing you can set up your Battle Standard and give your allies a nice benefit (especially the ranged players) your idea of a Battle Standard after effect for Iop is a pretty good Idea but keep in mind the Iop already has Authority (Power LvL buff) + Compulsion (damage in %) and don't forget Preparation from Locking Pro and Jump, so don't you think another damage buff is a little too much? Just saying, for my own opinnion I love Battle Standard the way it is already.

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hey I'm a new player could someone explain what it actually does?

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Hello Im Sir Percy aka Lady Percylia, Iop main on Remington server.

Bravery Standar itself is just a mobility tool and 50res buf fot Iop and anyone on Bravery Aura. The real power of spell is unlocked with KotH passive that gives Iop 20% Dmg Inf and 320 lock.
I play both pvp and pve and standar is really usefull ability and I preffer use it for 3ap in turn then create for example GGcombo.

Against many classes it made them most of the time unable to escape cos lock buff and fact that u stabi them with focus make them unable to use their escape tech. So enemy have only 3 options
Push u but that cannot be a push one back bc on Iop back should be placed standar so only side push will work
Lose of MP and AP via Lock
Stay in place and exchange hits
That makes Standar a buff for not one but at least 2 turns (usually players don't wanna give u another turn to abuse a standar +20% dmg inf)
In case if u facing panda with throw or cra or sadi who have a side pushes u can always use standar as 3 cels tp to get closer to enemy and don't waste your jump at the same time.
Vs metch ups where enemy classes go around a map and tryin to kite u standar is a great ability to run after them, placing them on a middle of battlefield allow u to made a long distance travell cheaper then jump or when u have cd on jump.

The important note in both pvp and pve is that standar aura give 50 res to Iop, allies and enemies so try to place it wisely.

In pve its many ocasion to put a standar, and its most of the time worth it. The additional buffs make it really usefull tool. To keep a mobs close to you and feca and don't allow them to reach your backlines. To move around the board. To give a target for other characters spell for example sac pull to sword, when boss have immune turn or rebound dmg u can place standar to help your lifesteal character get life from it. To block vision of boss. To make boss atack standar instead of player.

As u standar have so much utility that i don't think it need to provide another buff, tbh i think that could be an overpowered spell then.



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Oh lol this is thread from 2012 I get bamboozled ;-;

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SirPercedal|2018-07-02 16:41:21
Oh lol this is thread from 2012 I get bamboozled ;-;

SirPercedal biggrin The standard gotcha.
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