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Is critical a good investment for Iops?

By Pokiehls - MEMBER - April 02, 2012, 11:24:09

I'm running a fire/wind hybrid Iop, I've bought the first extra AP, but now I have around 100 spare points and don't know exactly where to spend.

Recently I got a set with a 10% bonus to critical rate and I'm seeing some pretty nice results with it, so I was pondering about spending these points on maxing Critical.

What do you guys say about that?
Where did you invest your points?

Any suggestions and oppinions are appreciated.

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Critical Hits are nice, but be aware that investing in Critical Hits instead of raising your elemental attribute will lower your overall damage output.

I'm pulling some theorycrafting I learned from my days of raiding in World of Warcraft here.

You will experience bursts of damage more often, but your damage will be less consistent.

In my opinion, Critical Hits should serve as the icing on the cake, not as the cake itself.


That being said, if you do wish to invest in Critical Hits, keep in mind that the more you have, the less efficient it becomes, up to the cap of 100%.

The ideal landmarks you should aim for with Critical Hits are:

20% - Triggers 1/5th of the time.

25% - Triggers 1/4th of the time.

33-34% - Triggers 1/3rd of the time.

Past this point, it becomes inefficient to stack Critical Hit.

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I see, thanks for the inputs.
I've went ahead and invested on criticals before reading your post, and I'm actually satisfied with the results.
As I said, I'm running a hybrid build, so investing on a single element would strenghten one side while the other would benefit nothing, investing in critical I see gains with both elements.

Also, I've read somewhere that Iop's Wrath receives a 100% bonus damage on critical, contrary to the regular 50% other skills have, and while I haven't done any testings, I've seen from use that it holds true, since my criticals with Iop's Wrath cause double the damage of non-critical ones.

And thanks for the advice on the cap of effectiveness of critical hits, I don't see that as a problem right now but I'm sure it will make a difference later, when I have access to more critical oriented gear.

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