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Defensive Stance suggestion

By YasaiTsume#3813 - MEMBER - June 19, 2023, 03:22:38
2AP, 1WP

- Reduce 30% damage from opponents who has higher health than the Iop
- Steals 120% of Earth damage inflicted as Armor (Connection)

2AP 1turn Cooldown.

- Reduce 30% damage from opponents who has higher health than the Iop
- Steals 120% of Earth Spell as Armor, once. (Connection)
- Following turn: Gain Counterattack

1 Turn

- Alters Earth Spells for the rest of the turn.
- Shaker: + 20 damage per successive cast on same target. 
- Rocknocerous: -50 Elemental Resistance per hit. 
- Impact: Removes Line of Sight. 
- Charge: Range becomes 1- 4. Pushes target back 2 cells. 20 Collision damage. If target is Charged, pushes back 3 cells instead.
- Devastate: Draws enemies in 3 cells, then deals damage. 

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The Earth Tree does need some love, this is a great direction to build upon.

- One of the rare Fire/Earth Iops
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These are actually good ideas...

Just a comment on Charge though, because I feel like we always use Charge to clear the gap between us and the target, so having the push effect kinda defeats the purpose. I don't wanna use Charge on a target and not reach them after doing so.

It's about time us Iops get some love. I want to see different possibilities and builds for Iops.

PS. But please Ankama, when you do revamp us, don't remove our Critical hits and Block passive.  
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The idea here is adding more utility to other parts of Iop that isn't Air line so a skill that allows the Iop to shove someone backwards and deal collision damage seemed like a great idea at that time. 

It's also a good support to Earth/Fire ranged build which lets them push enemies away as opposed to needing to use resources to escape melee range. 
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seems pretty good tbh i was in the mood to yell OP but feels good.

One thing i was looking at is on the block passive, instead of being +4 anticipation x crit, being +2 anticipation x crit / pa, pm consumed, it would make big pa spells worth to combine with the passive
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