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Earth/Fire Iop viability

By jgtf#1675 - MEMBER - March 15, 2023, 19:37:23
Is Fire/Earth Iop any good? Or are Iops restricted to being good only with single target melee air spells? Or is Iop currently worth leveling up at all?
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right now they are restricted to the combo system but ofc you can add some earth and fire spells when needed.

I expect ankama doing something to change that when they add the extra passive skills on him
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Last I checked which is quite awhile, if you intend to play Fire/Earth you have a couple of choices: 

1. Play as a semi tank essentially. You will build armor with Earth skills and be a melee fighter
2. Very weird Distance Iop. You have decent range on certain Earth and Fire skills which you just throw onto your targets while sitting comfy in your Battle Standard Aura. 

You're kinda sadlife since the Combo system of Air line is really really strong. It's also THE Iop playstyle that Iops in Wakfu are designed to represent. 
Distance Iop is very linear locked, making it a very inflexible build. 
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