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I have another horrendous Iop idea.

By UTIONER#2809 - MEMBER - February 07, 2023, 02:09:25
Ankama I hope you see this: PassivesIdea from another personsockstoyourdoor#5556 A passive that moves you to opponents and then pushes opponents back to deal extra light elemental damage when you attack would be insane.“Iops are simply too weak to ranged classes atm, especially air Cras. They need a parry type defensive passive to help them block range attacks and it could work just like powerful shooting. The farther away the range attack the greater the chance the Iop has the ability to reduce the damage of the attack or parry it completely. For example 4-6 range chance to reduce the damage. 7-10+ range chance to parry it completely. What do you guys think?”Breh if this happened it might need to be weaker but this would make tormentor Iop crazy joelman#4844 “bold punishment buffs you for EVERY hit you take, regardless of damage).” Iops dont get buff every time they deal damage, look at cutting gust. In fact sacriers can do that they have a spell called blood rush that deals them small damages for free. Another Idea is making Iop gain strength from armor generation, sac have their earth spells right ElementalsImagine the fire branch gave you 2-40 damage for every ten% power generated but it stayed for the match up to a maximum of 80 damage?
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With a powerful strike, the Iop smashes the ground and the resulting quake damages nearby targets.   So instead of 3-4 range it could be 1-4 and give 30% armor per damage you deal. But all earth spells could also have a thing that increases damage by 1-20 (because of level scaling) for every 500 armor gained
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The Iop throws itself forward and crashes headlong into its enemy. Charge deals more damage if cast on the same target several turns in a row.This spell needs to be more like a charge, right now it acts like sacriers fist and should be more like the speed of light elemental spell. Would be cool to give a chain animation if not changed.
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This spell moves the caster a few cells closer to their target. actives
This spell can store the Iop's Power when it is at its height. The second time the spell is used, the Iop recovers their Power in the form of an increased damage bonus. What if instead we activated it and used elemental spells only to unleash it all at once as one spell with combined damage and multiplied elements, like the way foggernauts and huppermages have it. Jump should get used once every turn.

This did not come out in the format i wanted.
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- iop ez to raise their block.. block reduce 25% of incoming dmg..
and iop have defensivestand dude.. u can get around 80% of max armor from earth spell..
and iop have life steal (ofc need combo perform).

- iop have passive critical hit from block and he can get 2 ap back using his combos, sacrier dont have..

- iop have nuke spell with crazy dmg called SIP, sac have nuke spell but he will lose 80% of his HP..

- sac get punish by reducing their ressist to get DI, iop is semi-tank hero with heavy dmg..

the only down side of iop their lack mobility.. he can jump, yes.. once per 2 turns thats not relly good.. sacrier can ez jump twice per 4 ap light speed..

so iop is balance hero (can do tank and DD in the same time) and sac need to choose their path as DD with high dmg and low ressist or tank mobility..

and if u said air cra better.. hmm.. really?
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