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Can Iop Outdo Sacrier at anything?

By UTIONER#2809 - MEMBER - November 20, 2022, 03:23:38

Iop has a bunch of wind spells that when used right can deal a lot of damage, the problem with having a class with 3 health passives 230 extra melee mastery and 1.5 extra ap is that you can bring out a lot of damage, iop has none of this! And sacrier get it for free at even at full health
Iop got only a set of wind spells a passive that grants 15% damage for being on a sword and pwer is harder to keep up than a chart that gets you more damage the lower your health goes. Iop needs like a mode similar to sacrier punishment and should be able to carry giant sword with fire spells

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The thing about comparing two classes in 1v1 is that it's not a balanced scenario. Most of the time the sacrier will beat the iop. Iop's numerous air spells will give sacrier a lot of damage (as bold punishment buffs you for EVERY hit you take, regardless of damage).

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No. Sac is one of ankama's dear favorites. Sac along with osa have always been in the top 3 best classes in terms of doing absolutely everything really really really well.

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Osas weren't THAT good before the revamp.

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1v1 pvp wont ever be balanced unless all classes played the same and had the same buff sets lets be honest. 
I've found Iop much more useful in pvm though... 

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Why Iop have to be so weak? Genarally i'm a Sacrier instantly if I don't give up by level 90 on Iop because Iop only good on crits.
I wonder if I could put flame aura on Iop and use thunderbolt and charge?
What if I used scrolls to make Iop actually strong, because it seems like the spells would flow if it had more synergetic effects, why dosen't fire and earth combo?

Why can't i make my iop a demon like dark vlad? and if the animations and spells were cooler iops would be so sexy, possibly even more than sacriers.

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ankama tends to balance on which class/job is their favorite; there's really not much more to it than that.
Iop just happened to fall out of favor with the current devs.

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