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Is Jabs combo not effective?

By retsiM#2321 - MEMBER - July 28, 2022, 18:14:29
"Gutting Gust" + "Jabs" + "Jabs" And 150% of the damage from your last "Jabs" will return by healing your Iop

"Jabs" has not so much damage: this spell can only be applied to one target, it will not be possible to strengthen it with the "Uppercut Combo" because it will destroy the previous combo.

As a result, we get a rather expensive and weak combination... I think Iop gets too little healing from this.
Is it possible to somehow increase the damage from the last "Jabs", or increase the healing received from this combo in other ways?

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Well since it is clasified as lifesteal, you can amplify it by simply dealing more damage, so backstab, hitting the enemy with the lowest air resistance, lowering enemy resistances, etc.

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