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Iop Tank(off-tank) for end game content

By Tesirot#5637 - MEMBER - May 08, 2021, 17:07:32

I wanted to ask, is Iop Tank (off-tank) viable in end-game content? Thank you for your attention and time.

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Iop is a viable off tank for me at 190ish content, not sure about 215 yet. I don't see any reason why Iop won't still be decent as an off tank at 215 though. I rely on high block chance thank to Bravery, and the Bravery Standard's Bravery Aura. I don't think I'd expect Iop to tank a dungeon boss for very long (I have a feca for that) but he can face tank a couple high damage enemies long enough to take them out when needed

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I'm currently able to tank 186 content with little to no problems, but haven't gotten to 201(most recent endgame) content yet. 

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Okay, to answer the question from your other post.

People used Xelor(pre-revamp) as a tank in certain scenarios(mainly bosses). Here's the thing, in wakfu tanking the boss isn't really the most viable option due to mechanics for a vast majority of the bosses in the game. You will usually tank one of the more lockable mobs in the dungeon and that's about it.  Assuming you have high enough resist, just about anyone can be a tank given the support.

 Panda, Feca and Sacrier are the most tanky units in the game with the tools to do it efficiently. Everyone else can tank to some degree using some cheesy method. Iop has  a lock passive and benefits from block, Xelor removes AP from bosses, Masq has a lock passive and self sustain. Every class can practically tank, that's a matter of stats. People use Enu as an off tank, and he doesn't even have any tank passives.

Those 3 just happen to be tanks of the highest magnitude, while filling another role which is why they're efficient.

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