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Short Iop Spell Guide

By Tiefoone - MEMBER - September 20, 2019, 02:14:13

This is intended to purely be a reference for Iop spell rotations/combos/etc for your standard ST+Melee build, as such the only spells it is going to consider are the 5 Air spells, SiP, Jump and Charge. It also assumes a 12/6 build. 11/7 is playable (and some of my ALS builds have it) but its fatal flaw is that you cannot do the usual Gust Combo+Flurry Combo+Gust Combo rotation for 8AP after jumping. This purely focuses on spell usage, for any other needs in relation to Iop guides refer to Hatespawn's excellent Iop guide.

Focus is not mentioned as it's pretty simple to fit in wherever you like, and by excluding it I won't have to update all these images once the Punch effect becomes separate, obviously if you Jump, using Focus on a target means you have to sacrifice one Gust Combo, as you will only have 6AP left.

8AP rotation:

This is it folks, the gold standard when it comes to single target damage, for the low-low price of 8AP, the GustC+FlurryC+GustC rotation. The two reasons this order is preferred are:
  • You can sneak in an uppercut combo after the first gust combo with that Gust marked as Optional, do not get greedy and use this if you cannot spare the MP, but it's some additional power generation and damage on the Jabs otherwise. Additionally, gust is 2/target, so use the Optional Gust on an empty cell or on some other adjacent mook (or ally :^) ).
  • The second Gust combo benefits from all the power generation that has occurred from the prior 2/3 combos.
Obviously as it only costs 8AP, you can Jump/Charge/Focus and still have enough AP for this entire rotation, with some AP left over in the case of the latter two. If you just want to thump one thing with air damage, you want to do everything you can to ensure you reach a target with at least 8AP and 2MP, failing that....

5/6AP Rotation:
5/6AP is notable because with less than 7AP you cannot cast Gust Combo before Flurry Combo, if you try you will not have the AP for that Flurry and look like an utter bumbling buffoon. Jump + Charge are there as an example of something that may leave you with this little AP, but it could also be horrific AP chip or something else. Once again, the Gusts to get that sweet, sweet Uppercut combo are Optional, if you do use them make sure at least one is not cast on the primary target so that you have a cast remaining for the Gust Combo.

Nothing to do this turn Rotation:
If - tragically - there is nothing to mangle during your turn, nothing that needs pushed, no need to jump somewhere, and no allies who could use an AP buff, toss this out to generate 78 Power (with evolved Show Off and no Compulsion) or 93 (with evolved Show Off and evolved Compulsion) seems dumb but maintains your power stacks and helps you generate WP. If someone does want an AP buff then go for:
The ultimate Wombo Combo, with a staggering 16 spells cast, this can AP buff anyone nearby and generate 120 Power (with evolved Show Off and no Compulsion) or 149 Power (with evolved Show Off and evolved Compulsion) if you can manage to also use the Wallop Combos for some needed positioning you will look like an absolute Wakfu god, and the power generated mostly offsets the WP burnt buffing your teammates. You could also use this if you just plan to spend 12AP smacking something against a wall with Air spells, since it will earn you a lot of power, remember to use the first two Gusts on an empty cell/other target if this is what you're doing, also the last Flurry wont be usable on the target since Flurry is 6/target.

This is all there is to this guide for now, the above three cover most situations, I might add a section with some stuff about power generation and SiP afterwards but this is it for now, hope this was helpful.
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Thanks for the rotations man, i have this page on 2nd screen when playing cool

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The highest count combo per turn ever is from Iop~

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