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iop class doesnt have a shushu?

By Mr-Daz#3601 - MEMBER - May 09, 2019, 10:22:02

Why does the iop class doesn't have a shushu? like in the tv series? 

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I don't think that shushus are class specific. You can craft shushus yourself for any class with materials from Shushus Crust, and Remington Smisse has tons of them even though he's a rogue.

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Shushu is a minor demon, anyone can own one, it doesn't have anything with being an Iop.

It's like asking why xelors don't have an eliacube.

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While it is true that having a Shushu is not related to being a certain class, it is not true that all Shushus are “minor”. The map which Yugo calls Scribble(something like that) is a minor Shushu, a servant, while Shushus like Rubilax and Shadofang are major Shushus and a lot more dangerous. Rubilax is a Shushu of four elements while Shadofang is a Shushu of five elements... but I don’t really know what elements means in this case, I’m guessing that it is just a way of measuring how dangerous they are. Then there’s also Shushus like Anathar, and of course their king Rushu(who seems to get his backside handed to him by Goultard pretty reliably though).

Generally, Shushus are entrusted to members of the Order of the Guardians of Shushus, and can be passed on, but generally, only major Shushus are entrusted to a Guardian, as it seems, based on what Scribble says about no minor Shushu having a guardian - Yugo deciding to be his guardian is more like an exception and something done to calm him down rather than something more serious like what is the case with the Order(but he still takes care of him).
Just to name one specific example, Rubilax was entrusted to Percedal by Goultard, so that Percedal watches over him(although Percedal didn’t really fully control or have much authority over Rubilax until the episode where he finds Goultard).

So yes, having a Shushu is not specific to any sort of class but usually they don’t really go around looking to find people to guard them in the World of Twelve either, and will probably leg it as soon as they get the opportunity(although I know that they probably won’t do that in-game for obvious reasons), and there are minor Shushus, servants, and major Shushus, like Rubilax and Shadofang. But as a post below says, you can have one, albeit a minor Shushu. But just because Percedal has a Shushu in the animated series doesn’t mean every Iop would have one.
Though, why is it that we can just seemingly walk in and out of the Shustuft Cruft in Wakfu as we please, when there’s technically a pact between the gods and Rushu that his Shushus aren’t allowed to go into the world? I’ve never been there but seeing that there’s a Zaap near a rift allowing access to a portion of it, I assumed that it’s possible.

And there is only one Eliacube. Not that you want anything like it in the hands of most humans anyway.

Maybe you’re referring to Shushu weapons/items?

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Percedal is super strong so he gets to have his own shushu! That just means other Iops aren't worthy.

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