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Iop relics/epics, what I took and what you took

By Diaraline - MEMBER - March 16, 2019, 17:48:44

So there are a bit more options for melee these days, and as I approach 170 I wonder about them. First of all, here's what I've been using so far:
Pre-50: Satisfaction ring I found by chance. Ideally, I suppose the Icy Eppaulettes would work well for some time but I dropped them way later! The Bludring seems a natural improvement.
65: Otomai's Scouts Greaves
80: Still those, but ideally Divine Orrok's Protection or Welder Mask
There are some nice pieces around this level but I skipped over that since I was alone and simply leveled fast, so I don't know much about them. The exotic MP from Sanefty Belt seems nice.
125: Kel'dwa (my first relic!), Bagus shushu (hard to get! I am ashamed to admit I stuck to the Otomai boots until 120). I never dropped the Boss breastplate but it looks perfect.
140: Perfect Kel'dwa (lovely relic, it lasts a long time and has a quest attached to it; more interesting than simply getting fragments), Cloak Orporal (basically Drhellers and Whirlies are going to be your golden age in terms of gear, Iops!)
155: Souleater, another staple Iop relic, I suppose. My epic was the Woboots, but I see now the Mummra ring in the encyclopedia. It looks like it has potential, but it's quite expensive because no one runs Blopera!
170: I'm working towards a Lucloak for a relic and the Indestructible boots.
185: Daggers Sives seems to have been the choice relic around this level. I've seen Belt of the Winds mentioned too. Now, another one caught my attention: the Ougaat. Gotten by Modulox tokens only, and requiring a recipe, I can see why the average player wouldn't try their hand at it or buy it (and indeed it's expensive). I've chosen to make it for the personal achievement, but I'd like your opinion on it over other relics. As for the epic, I already have the Kannipaulettes ready, but the Buzzsaw breastplate seems interesting too. With 2ap, it seems designed to be paired with a MP relic such as the Daggers.
200: No idea, really. I'll look into this when I get there, or just grab HateSpawn's build and call it a day!

Opinions? Comments? Maybe sub-100 gear recommendations, too! This is by no means the complete guide to gear, but I'd say it shows some nice progression for a Iop player.

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One thing that makes a huge difference is when you progressed and played Iop. I got to endgame when the level cap was 170, so when a Iop with Lucloak was a very nice build. Right now, having introduced a lot of new dungeons with their relics, there's a lot more to choose from than there used to be.

I think my first relic was actually Harry Boots, since I didn't particularly like Mizz Frizz dung and Solomonk was never that great of a relic for a Iop imo, so I just skipped it. Then as I said, i instead farmed Harry Boots and Lenald's as an epic (this was when bagus shushu cap was 11AP).

Then I went the classic old build of Souleater with Woboots. It's pretty standard and straightforward.

Then, when I got to endgame I got myself a Lucloak and Indes Boots, but I still used Souleater and Woboots occasionally, since I felt that Lucloak took too much of a chunk of damage in some instances.

Then I returned when Moon came around and I got myself Daggers Sives, but I disliked how low one of my resistances were (I think it was water?) so I made a build using Belt of the Winds and Cape Rice.

Right now I'm using Fan Shield and Agony's Companion. I like it a lot, but  I also want to get myself a Coat of the Sorcerer-King for a more damage oriented build. But it's a pain to have to rune it again, so I'm holding off.

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As a little update to this (though it seems no one cares) I did get the Ougaat. Took a really long time though! So many days of modulox.
Paired that with the Kannipaulettes, and now I'm looking for a breastplate with mp. I've got to say the resists are great.
And interestingly enough, since I made a lvl50 build, I'm using the Shell epic. Ap breastplate on lvl50, pretty cool. 

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By the time my iop had a relic, his first was SoulEater. It's the obvious choice at that level bracket. 

I think i went SE=>Luc=>BoTW=>Sives=>Cosk=>Fan and now Pierced Boots.

Sives came out months after botw, same with fan/cosk. So obviously optimally you take sives for that part of your gameplay, and then, once youre really good, take pierced boots. Fan's nerf makes it less effective than say, Durable Shield/Ashenshield/African American Turtle Shield and an 11/6 or 11/7 build.

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At 110 Grazor is excellent, it has twice as much damage as Magmog/Gobbalrog cloaks, and provides 7% crit when they provide 3%, giving you +4% rather than the usual +3% from relics. Bludring also gives more damage than any 110 ring, and can be re-used for ALS at lower levels.

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