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I need a 'Dummy's Guide to Iop DPS'... Anybody got one?

By NerdlyChild25#4607 - MEMBER - March 11, 2019, 00:22:01

Okay, so I managed to get my stupid ass to level 41 and then realized... I have no effin' clue how to Iop - Characteristics, gear, skills/spells, I know nuffin'. And I've really fallen in love with the class, but still... I need help.

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Unfortunately there's no website like mobafire or icy veins for Wakfu.

Your best bet is to simply search forums and read page after page after page. Maybe you'll find something remotely useful, maybe.

Have fun with the gear, especially when you realize you can upgrade all the runes in individual items over and over... next thing you'll see is you invest a HUGE amount of time and kamas on items that might not even be that good.

Nothing about this game is noob friendly. I've been playing pretty regular since the past summer, still feel like a noob everyday.

Have you ever pressed "O"?

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You got the link already, but it's a bit too complete.
In short: Earth generates armor. Fire generates scalding and has a two turn preparation strike: focus, then next turn do two Super Ooo Punches. The second will be insanely strong. This combo happens with Charge too.
Air depends on combos, so read about them in the spell descriptions. Gutting gust combo does bonus dmg, flurry combo gives ap.
For equipment just get melee and single target, or area if you like fire. 
​For character stats get resistance and health like everyone, melee again, crits and block. Don't think much about it: for example you're not a berserker and you have only one option to attack from the back so those stats aren't worth it. 
No matter what kind of iop you are, use Charge because you desperately need mobility.

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Iops start to shine once you get focus, plus the AP and MP from characteristics. 

Add every single air spell to your spell bar and try to memorize the air combos. 

  1. Guttling Gust Combo (most effective damage; try to cast it twice every turn when facing one target)
  2. Uppercut Combo (boosts your next spell by 20%. Good with any hard hitting spell, like Wrath)
  3. Flurry Combo (regains 2 AP to you and all allies around you)
  4. Wallop Combo (pushes your target away)
  5. Jab Combo (Air Aoe around the target)

Combos can be linked, which means that the final spell in a combo can be used as the start of another combo, and mastering this will make you way more effective. 
As an example, combining these 3 combos:
Guttling Gust Combo -> Uppercut Combo -> Flurry Combo (Need 7 AP for this)
Wallop - Flurry - Gust - Gust - Uppercut - Jab - Uppercut - Flurry
(Spells in Bold are the links between combos).

Another thing that took me a while to learn is that you can Gust empty tiles with Uppercut Combos since you need 2 Gusts at the end of each Guttling Gust Combo to hit the target, and Gust can only hit a target twice each turn. 
Guttling Gust Combo -> Uppercut Combo
Wallop - Flurry - Gust - Gust (don't hit the target with it!) - Uppercut
Now you can cast another Guttling Gust Combo on target.

This is a complete link of all Combos available ("Combo" removed to make it shorter"):
Guttling -> Uppercut -> Flurry -> Wallop -> Guttling -> Jabs
(Yes, Guttling is mentioned twice since you can follow it up with 2 different combos. The only combo that has no follow-up link is Jabs. 

After you get focus, replace Wrath with Super Iop Punch (SIP) or just add them both if you want. SIP is the Iops hardest hitting spell after you get focus, and is a 2-turn setup. 
First turn use Focus.
Second turn cast SIP twice. The second SIP will hit way harder. 

There is a lot more to learn for Iops, but try to learn the above first and you'll know the basics.
Good luck
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Remember that a Iop is not a tank, but having high resistance and block is good for iops. Other than that, get as offensive build as possible and go nuts. Melee/singletarget masteries, crit, dodge, initiative are good offensive stats for Iops. Lock is not important as a Iop, but not useless either. 
The Vitality passive gives free max health at the start of Combat. This health is not lost at the end of the fight, which means that you get a small heal after each fight. 

And try to hunt for mobs with low air resistance since that's your main source of damage.

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Iops=Tanks. Plain  and simple until you figure them out.

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We wish...

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