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Is there any Iop Earth/fire build? Please Help!

By Derpyman - MEMBER - November 10, 2018, 13:43:49

after many days of research I couldn't find any Tanky or Offtank Iop guide. 

Is only one way to play this character right now? as an Air DD with 1 or 2 skills of fire/earth? 

I've returned wakfu and I have a iop lvl 128, but I don't like the air combos mechanics, but I can't find any other guide or way to play with it sad Pls Help 

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There's more than one way to play any class, but iop is especially top-heavy in that regard for sure. I had a very similar reaction to it after returning from several years away, and while it does have some options outside of air, most of what it excels at relative to other classes is loaded into those air builds you're probably seeing.

It's not necessarily fire and earth being awkward (though there's definitely some of that too) so much as air being extremely, and uniquely strong. Similarly, while they do have some reasonable durability options to support offtanking, they aren't nearly as self-contained as many of the other classes who can boast the same; that is, their ability to armor or self-heal themselves is extremely limited, so getting the most out of that route is definitely asking for some help from the rest of your team.

I'll be the first to encourage you to play sub-optimally if the result is one you enjoy, but likewise I would be lying if I said I'd ever come up with a non-air-focused iop build that was terribly competitive at what it was trying to do relative to other classes (and not for lack of trying). Though, until and unless they nerf the brutality rune (again), almost any class willing to go hard on melee + aoe builds can probably do just fine.

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Yea as purple says,  a melee/aoe earth fire build with epic rune of brutality seems decent. it should be fun

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air/earth for melee off tank +++ ( but need healer on support for teamplay).

fire/earth AP/MP debuff is allready existing of course with last pasivs.

need willpower pet and then morf on belt and boots runes to get more willpower. ull reach 60 depending on slugger and his consomation  no counting  morfos runes. 3 items supports on battlefields

-devastate when u got 6MP ( at begining of ure turn  when some mobs are stuck to u offer u 5x6 =30% damage on it compensating the tormentor melle debuff)

-Wrath: when u can ensure the lost effect by using mp debuf after pushing the mob ( 175x0.8 (140)+125 x1.2 (150) = 290  aoe damage base)

-thunderbolt vs mobs wich stick at their turns (75 damage at distx1.2+75 on burn x0.8 =150 base damage )

uppercut to offer some free damage + use hour of glory sometime ( they ll dont like to stick u on PVP xD between this and thunderbolt)

range debuff + Mp debuff on roknocerok ; AP debuff on pushes + hour of glory to temporize ;stabilisation at distance with focus; increase to help u to get more % damage *_*.


u can use looking pro passiv to use the hour of glory offenly 



strengh: elemental mastery 50 point

agility: 20 pt willpower+dodge 30 point ( u can play with initiative)

chance : cc 20+ block 20 +crit mastery 10 point

Major: AP/MP/%damage/res ( or res and % dmage for pvp)

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