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iop class is good but could've been better

By blackpropower - MEMBER - October 19, 2018, 02:27:29

Good evening guys, so i've been talking with a friend of mine some days ago, about the fact that iop class was disappointing coming from a wakfu fan and by that i mean me and him and i believe a lot of other ppl expected shushu spells or stuff like that related to them, and when we first started the game we picked both iop and really seeing no spells of that kind was so bad like you tell us from lore that iop knights always keep shushu as guardians like we see our dear tristepan, the other guy that i don't remember who had ombrosa as shushu, and obviusly at the episode where rubilax was in tristepan body and had all these shushu weapons on the walls wich i guess are all property of other iops, and as spells maaan you had so many options ankama, the lore itself says shushu have ranks from 1 to 5 and it determines how powerfull a shushu is like rubilax being a lvl 4 and having determined abilities that are very different from each other, hell a iop was one of the protagonists and tough im happy you gave love to him, unlike with eliatrope wich was also a protagonist in the series making him show up years after release.
Now we'll talk about what i had in mind when first joining the game all excited to pick my iop and headbutt into the enemies, i taught we would get to choose what kind of shushu we wanted but nahh we straight got into the world of twelve, once i leveled up a bit i noticed these spells coming in my bar and so on earth spells, fire spells, air spells came all in and i was just so disappointed to see these earth spells and fire spells that really had not much to do with iop, and air well it's basically a bunch of punches kicks n'stuff it was pretty neat as element but over all it was a bad news for me cause it really toned down the will to play iop, what if we could choose 1 out of the 5 levels of shushu that have a different trasformation and effects? imo i would pay those 30/40 bucks to change my masq into a iop istantly.
What do you guys think?
Should we ever hope for a revamp in that matter or should we just surrender to having our class iop like this?
Yes i know it would be a lot of work but ankama reworked a lot of spells in these years didn't they? so now why not revamp completely the iop? and to be fair i believe a lot of ppl would appreciate.
thonks for reading

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That's not what a Iop is, though. There's nothing stopping anyone from wielding a Shushu, and wielding them isn't any more inherent to Iops than it is to any other race. Heck, Remington Smisse was better at using Shushu for a long time. They're straightforward warrior people, and the skillset in the game reflects that.

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well remington to say stole all the weapons yes, and the only thing we saw him do was shooting with the shushu guns and to be honest most of the times he didn't even scratch ppl, and yes you said it anyone can have them, if they manage to get a hold of them but who's the one who traps them and so on pass them on to the young warriors as shushu guardians? IOP not cra feca or sram or masq or any other one, and if tristepan was able to kill that lame rogue of remington with a single punch i can figure all the shushu he steals are simply from iops wich don't fancy using their brains to fight wich remington aside from his lame combat skills, uses.

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i think iop really good as melee DD. if u dissapointed play ur iop then u need to try to play cra. that more dissapointing char right now. iop can deal huge damage with air spells and fire spells and have 1 mobility from earth spell.. iop can jump too and boost ap and power. so yeah it very great.

every char have their own mechanism.. fire spells need some mechanics to make it deal huge damage like Super Iop Punch (SIP). i believe iop the best damager in game with all spamming spells with proper element to some enemies elements.

no one underestimate an iop with their skills. iop always be over power char with ton of damage. if they got some survivalbility in game like feca or sac they will be more OP if iop get range like cra they will be perfect in melee and range char.

so better option is u need to try to play other chars too so u know their mechanism.. a lot of chars need better mechanism than iop.

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it wasn't really meant to say iop is bad itself it is an op class, what i mean is simply ankama showing us character classes with peculiarities such as sadida with their dolls rogues for being evasive enemies IOPS having shushu weapons as guardians etc... tough the shushu thing wasn't implemented so it was kind of weird to see a iop basically doing his thing in this way, and we could argue about dofus the adventures of kerubim series tough the deal is that it was happening a lot of years back, maybe the shushu guadian thing still didn't start cause we basically don't see any iop shushu guardian, just kerubim that happened to get a hold of a shushu and fused it with his house  tough it doesn't proove the point of the guy above cause as i said it all happened randomly during one of his adventures.

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It's best not to compare the game with the cartoon.

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why not it's the question

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so u want iop hasguardian as summon?

so my question.. why cra now cant hit enemy behind the wall? are they hit looping arrow? loop mean they shoot to the sky and the arrow fall to the ground? and it cant pass the wall? < this is more logic. not only in game.. all archer can deal loop shoot in all movies ever u see the lord of the rings?. weird ya all cra in this game..

so basically its a game. u cant implement all the things in game. but u can take the essential from movies to the game. 

and i believe iops build from skills and passive skills are good for now. almost no one complains about iop.

and i believe if u saw movies and games it will be a lot of differences inside its.not only iop.

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Players aren't supposed to be Iop Knights. If every Iop had a shushu, well, that would be a lot of shushus.

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I am best Iop on all servers ..Point Blank..... PeriodT.

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Lol sure.

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Iop with a shushu summon would be nice like the drheller of the enutrof you can fuse with the shushu.

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THEY NEEDA GIVE iop diddlydoo self healing spell

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i hate this.

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