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Is tri on iop a waste?

By Thermal - MEMBER - July 20, 2018, 01:13:31

I find myself never using any earth spells besides charge for the utility of it only. Am I playing wrong or would it be better to build duo ele for more air/fire damage?

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In my Iop I use only charge and rock (1 for mobility), so I always focus to air/fire ;-)

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Personally think tri-iop is not a waste, mainly because many of the zinit gears tend to be triple element anyway. Besides, you could opt for ST/Melee damage which will benefit all three element for iops for the most part.

Going air and fire only should be fine also, because charge benefits from other damage modifiers such as Power or ST/Melee dmg bonus as well.

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The higher the level, the less impactful the concept of Tri / Bi element is. At high levels, you are looking to the best gear avaible independant of how many elements it has (a lot of it tends to have three elements, tho).

With my current build (with mythical gear from Zinit) I have around 200 less Earth Mastery than Fire and Air, and the difference in damage is minuscule. I have around 1200 secondary mastery (Single Target and Melee) so I still do a lot of damage with my Earth spells.

Finally it's important to note that Iop's damage revolver almost entirely around Air. Fire only uses Super Iop Punch because it's incredibly, but the reason we use Earth is, more often than not, because of utility. I use Charge to move around, not because of the damage. I use Rockno because the -MP, the non-LoS, and it being a distance damage spell when I need it. I use Impact because of it being a non-linear ranged spell. I never use Shaker or Devastate, outside maybe some situational PVP.

So to end, I don't recommend you focusing on getting tri gear, instead search for the best gear avaible for your level and aim it towards Fire and Air. If you build every other stat correctly (Block, Critical Hit, Secondary Mastery...) the fact that your elemental damage on Earth is lower shouldn't bother you.

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I have around six hundred less Earth mastery, but that doesn't matter, because my earth is still 810 in combat, and then I have around 1700 in secondaries.

Secondaries carries your earth mastery. Just get the best items available to you. Pretend earth is a bonus, not a requirement. Do not choose an item because it has 3 elements, choose an item because it has the best stats for you.

Impact and Charge will still hit like a couple of trucks

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